Featured Guest Spots

This year, I've had the pleasure of inviting Featured Guests to my blog for question and answer sessions and coffee confessions of a new kind from the likes of:

The Robot Mommy
Ask Doctor G
Lady Estrogen
Multitasking Mumma
On-the-Go Momma
The Fence
Reflections of Now
Writing, Wishing
Sarcasm Goddess of 4Luv of Writing
These Little Waves
Carri Brown
Good Day Regular People
Daddy's in Charge
She's Write
From the Compound
Just Jennifer
Ask Doctor G - Resilience in Children

Would you like to be a Featured Guest in 2013?  
I would love to have you for coffee and more. Please send me an email at: CoffeeLovinMom(at)yahoo.com for more info


Trashy Blog said...

I would love to be a featured guest. How do I sign up? I love the blog--I stopped by as part of November's Bloggy Mom blog hop. The name of the blog is what got me--I am a coffee lovin' mom, too! I'd even say coffee is one of my passions! In fact, I've got a blog post all written about it that I'm planning to post on my blog pretty soon...are you interested in a guest blogger? If not, I'm still planning to follow. Good stuff you've got going here!

Diane Najm said...

I would love to be a featured guest! Love following your posts and love to have coffee talk! Please let me know what I need to do!