About Me

Me and my mini-backpack at Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago
Hi there and thanks for stopping by!!

Happily married, full-time mother of two - a 9 (going on 24) year old girl and a 12 year old boy who would be happy to stay that age. Blogging for fun, family, friends and for the Love of Coffee. 

Also, I love wine, music and the City of Chicago where I worked for six years being in the NWI area, I take my family to the city as often as humanly possible and let you in on the fun. 

Married for 12 years, I am enjoying the tornado that is my life and I couldn't be married to a better person to share this craziness with.  I blog about my kids, parentingtravel and of course coffee, but I dabble in just about everything at one point or another. 

I believe in Green and Fitness and plan to share my opinions and tips, feel free to share yours as well. I don't plan to change the world but hope to inspire and encourage with the help of my friends. Lost my libido somewhere along the way - if found, please return, my husband would greatly appreciate it! Last I heard it was  spotted on the west coast but it ended up only being Danny DeVito so please keep a lookout and definitely keep me posted.. 
WAIT - this just in: Hi I think I saw your libido outside the chip shop round the corner, here in England...10/27/11 (Thanks Simon!)

I have nothing to sell really but who doesn't like a shameless plug?  I like to share experiences and Things I've Tried relating everything from coffee to wine and children's products that I can stand behind whether the company has contacted me or not.  

I try and always give you The Real Story and I do occasional Giveaways with and without reviews. 
I design Mugs and T-shirts for a personal friend and artist that you will find me plugging whenever I can - I make no compensation other than introducing a few more people into his artistic brain...

I'm also found more often than not on:
Twitter: @coffeeluvinmom
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P.S. I'm not short, I'm FUNsize!