Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Eve Before Her Birthday

The eve before her birthday, we had just finished watching the 'compilation of pictures' video I made for her just like I did for her brother when he had this same birthday. After she thanked me sweetly for making it for her and told me that she loved me, this happened...

"I think I'm gonna cry tomorrow."
"What?? On your birthday?"
"I don't want to turn double digits mom," she said.
"Why? Most kids can't wait to get big."
"No, I really don't want to turn double digits," she said again this time with tears welling up in her eyes. She paused, looking at the ceiling so the tears wouldn't fall and continued, "These last 10 years have gone by SO fast, I don't want the next ten to go as fast as these did." Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

A pang hit me so hard because I too had been thinking how lightning fast these years have gone and after watching the last ten years before my eyes, the look on her face, and the innocence of her plea, I just lost it.

I grabbed her and hugged her.

"It's been a fun 10 years, right?"
"Yes, that's why I want it to go slower."

We cried together for a little minute before I had a revelation.

"Don't worry," I said, "these next ten years will go slower, you'll become a teenager."

A smile instantly formed on her face. She knew exactly what I was talking about.