Friday, March 21, 2014

Socks are Over Rated

"Now hun, it's still cold outside, you need to wear socks."
"Socks are over rated." she quickly and plainly replies.

Now being on the brink of 10 having more than four months to go, with the mindset of a tween and the brain of a 24 year old some days, it made me wonder until she asks the question:
"What does over rated mean?"

I explain it in movie terms like when they make such a big deal over a great new movie coming out and you see all these hyped up signs and commercials telling you to go see it only for it to be a big disappointment and not as great as they advertised. Even though the critics gave it all the thumbs up. Or when you see that perfect burger on TV only to go buy it and it's a messy hockey puck that doesn't fill the bun like in the ad.

"So socks ARE over rated!"
"Well nobody makes a big deal about socks like 'ooh buy these great socks, they'll change your life!'"
"Still, they are disappointing - I would rather be wearing flip flops."

Me too kid, me too.
It's time.
Warm weather where are you? Anytime you want to come our way, just give me a sign so I can shave my legs for the occasion. My husband has only been waiting since November..

As I flip my socks off my still hairy legs and continue to blame Mother Nature, I ask you - do you think socks are over rated?

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