Saturday, August 31, 2013

What we did this Summer

This year we made a bucket list for summer back when the kids got out of school with the things we wanted to do while school was out. I think we did pretty well in getting most of the list crossed off aside from boating which weather was not agreeing with when we were available for it. Mall of America/Rainforest Cafe didn't end up working out when we were visiting my grandmother in Iowa. I wanted it to because the last time we were there was when my daughter was still in a stroller so neither one really remembers that visit. We still have time for park-a-palooza and Zig E's...

The summer weather didn't really start until this last week when the kids started school of course. Maybe we will make the beach next year!

Summer Bucket List
Ledge at Sears (Willis) Tower
American Girl Place
Crown Fountain
Lego Store
Navy Pier
Herhey Store
Albanese Candy Factory
Bike Rides
Bon Fire 
Wisconsin Dells 
Indiana Beach 
4 Square 
Drive-In Movie 
Rail Cats Baseball Game 
Scavenger Hunt 
Deep River Waterpark
Rainforest Cafe 
Mall of America 
Eye Doctor


Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

The dentist needed to happen, but of course it hasn't. Dagnabit!

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Every time I call there I get the answering machine - I swear I've made an effort!

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Wow, great list and even a bigger wow in that you got so much of the list crossed off. Good for you mama! I'd like to try to make a summer bucket list next summer, but who knows if I'll remember to. ;) A girl can try, right?

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Hi-- new follower from Bloggy Moms.

I love the idea of making a list for summer! And it looks like you guys had an awesome summer. :) We had a goal of going camping this summer, but it didn't happen either.

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

I will remind you - I think we will be doing it every year

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Thanks Angela! I think it was because I did the planning that we didn't end up going..downtown sounds much more exciting to me. I will make sure it's at the top of the list next year