Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going Old School

So my best blogging bud who I'm still dying to meet and hopefully will this year, The Robot Mommy has tagged me in the newest pass it around post about going old school.  I think she knew I needed a reason to post something since I have been under my own rock for a few months now and really have no excuse.

Annnnd we're off!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? 
Wow - 2003 I was still a new mom, had a 1 year old son. Still renting in our first house and my cousin was living with us.  We've come a long way since then!
2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?
• Write
• Drink Coffee
• Nip my PITA and skin issues in the bud with the quickness
• Flood my blogging dry spell
• Get some sun
3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
I'm not really much of a snacker, not that you could tell by my waistline...
• Coffee (it's a snack, right?)
• Cheese and crackers
• Bacon
• Anything cheesy
• Avocado
4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:
First pay off the house and make my bathroom bigger. Open my own coffee house where if you're a regular, you bring your own mug and take a different one home each time, take a barge cruise in France, show my daughter Paris, go back to Ireland, take my parents to pay them back for all the crap I did when I still lived with them in high school and my early 20s.
5. Name some places you have lived:
• Dolton/South Holland, IL
• Mason City, IA
• Lansing, IL
• Lowell, IN
6. Name some bad habits you have:
• Procrastinating
• Over-thinking things
• Getting sucked into the internets
• Picking my nose (just seeing if you were paying attention)
7. Name some jobs you have had:
Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Pharmacy technician, Coffee Beanery Barista/Supervisor, Preschool teacher, Counselor/Supervisor at an In-Home facility for abused children, Drug Counselor - Intake, Office Supervisor for a European Travel Consultant where I took my trips to France, Germany and Ireland.  Currently working Retail Services for impulse items in grocery stores, Girl Scout Co-Leader and blogger part time, taxi driver, referee, alarm clock, multi-tasker, accountant, chef of the future, maid of the minions, laundry queen extraordinaire, household CEO and coffee drinker the rest of the time.  I would like to go pro on the last one!
8. Name those you are tagging for #OSBlog:
All three of whom hold me accountable, support me no matter what and try to light a fire under my ass from time to time. I thank each of you for being great friends! Thanks also to TRM for getting this rusty ball rolling again!

So tell me, what (if anything) do we share in common?


Jennifer Hall said...

Ooh, this is fun! So do I have to answer the same questions and tag 3 more people?

You know I too enjoy coffee, I like some of the same snacks, hold some of the same jobs and have some of the same bad habits.

So glad you blogged!

therobotmommy said...

Woohoo!! Dust those cobwebs off, CLM IS BACK!!!

Amy said...

Yes ma'am. Me too - thanks for bullying me Jen, I needed it

Amy said...

YAY! Here to stay, it felt good - thank you!

Laughing Abi said...

She's alive!!! So glad to see your mojo working again. The hardest part is going to be finding 3 other bloggers who know me :)

Amy said...

I hope to work the mojo! Btw, I pick Julie, Mel and Farah.

Carl said...

Eww... You pick your nose? I have some hand sanitizer that I want to give you tomorrow.

Amy said...

Glad you were paying attention Carl - I thought you were bringing me corned beef..