Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Memories Suite Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the chance to use and review some incredible scrapbooking software from My Memories Suite which so far I have only scratched the surface of all the possibilities. I had only used online photo editing before and this - is so much easier!  I didn't have enough time to get as creative as this program will allow but I will tell you what I love about it so far.

With each page created, you can crop or resize the picture right in the frame on the page which made it easier to see exactly what the page will look like.  I am a casual scrapbooker in that I have quite a few kits and stamps that are in a closet gathering dust at the moment because digging out pictures, pages and templates is time consuming.  This scrapbook software puts everything in one place for you without having to open the closet again, saving time and a mess to clean up when you're done.  Double bonus if you ask me.

Here is the first template I used:

The free templates included in the program are all user friendly and for someone like me who has a hard time coming up with my own templates, they all worked perfectly and gave me ideas for making originals.  

It also uses all the fonts you have available on your computer in the software. All pictures in the templates can be adjusted to size if need be and there is so much flexibility to create your own template for things such as facebook covers, printable crafts, banners, headers and so much more! 

Check out some other creations I came up with using their great templates - I'm a digital scrapbooking believer, soon to be expert.  (Yeah maybe not expert, I will leave that to the actual experts)


I may need help picking out a Christmas card this year!

As you can see, it's easy to do (if I can do it...) I think all of these took a little over an hour or so to put together and no clean up. If you are a scrapbooker looking for an easier way, this is it!

A special offer is being given to you today - My Memories Suite is offering one lucky reader a copy of their digital software for FREE!  If that's not enough, or you can't wait a week for the giveaway to end, I also have a special code that will get you 10% off your order.  (See the banner below the giveaway for details.)

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My code is: STMMMS48009

Note: I was given a free copy of software to review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was obtained.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Girls Crochet Headbands Review and #Giveaway

A highlight of my daughter's week was getting a big package addressed just to her that contained some fabulous items from Girls Crochet Headbands.  GCH offers so many fabulous items aside from the handmade headbands including gorgeous bows and flower clips, bloomers, hats, legwarmers and tutus among the other accessories.  Think ruffle butts and all the girly fun only at a great price! I almost didn't believe my eyes when I first perused the site being that I would be paying twice as much in the store for most items. I was nostalgic with my daughter's excitement knowing what was in store and impressed the quality of the products that were sent. 

The hair accessories are all interchangeable in that each bow or flower has a clip that can be connected to a loop on any headband it might match. They can also be warn individually in a child's hair which comes in handy for those oopsy haircuts that we are currently growing out. These headbands and accessories came packaged cute and complete for an easy gift for that special little girl in your life..

When I was contacted, I admitted that my eight year old daughter is not easy on hair things by any means, being somewhat of a tomboy at heart, it's not easy to do much with her hair on a regular basis just because she's not into it (yet, she's 8 so I know it's coming). If I'm lucky enough to get something in her hair in the morning, it is outa there by lunchtime or lost by the time she gets off the bus. 

The excitement when she took the package out of the mailbox matched that of Ralphie's Dad and his frageeilay award, the anticipation conversation went pretty similar. As soon as the package was opened, the fashion show began and my little tomboy became the girly girl I knew was in there. Here are some of the items that were featured in the fashion show:

White and Hot Pink Zebra Loopsy Loo Hair Bow
Double Knot Christmas Bow

Zebra Cotton Legwarmers with Ruffle
Tutus for Girls

Silver 1.5" Crochet Headband 
Ivory U-Shaped Headband
Blue Zoe Flower Hair Clip (not pictured)

She spent a good while taking various flowers and bows and putting them on different headbands each time running to the mirror to see how she looked.  She has been wearing a headband or a clip by itself every day since. It's been almost a week; nothing has been lost and is more often still in her hair at the end of the day.  She is also planning to design an outfit that includes the legwarmers and the tutu so she can wear it to school.

I love that they are offering you a chance to win $30 worth of these Girls Crochet Headbands for that little girl on your list this year. The best part?  In case you enter and don't win or if your patience won't let you wait until the giveaway is over, I also have a code for you that's good until Dec 13th - It's coffee20 (case sensitive) and good for 20% off your entire order!

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Girls Crochet Headbands can be found online here:

Pinterest: pinterest.com/gcheadbands

*I was graciously sent an array of items from Girls Crochet Headbands for review offering a giveaway to my readers.  The opinions stated are my own and those of an actual daughter who is bringing home her hair accessories most times still in her hair. This giveaway ends 11/20/12 at 12:01 EST.  Winner will be contacted by email.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hand Stamped Twitter Handle Necklace #Giveaway

There are many things that give me joy in my week - this week one of them came in the mail from Lauren Nicole Gifts that completely brightened my day! Denise who owns the company named after her niece, specializes in personalized jewelry and handmade monogrammed gifts for every age and occasion. She recently launched a line of social media tag necklaces. Here is a sneak peek at her sterling silver twitter handle necklace.  

This is what I call winning! Who wouldn't love to sport their very own twitter handle on one of these hand stamped beauties?  Each piece is customized to your specifics and can be stamped either in ALL CAPS AWESOME like mine pictured below or lower case letters.  Mine came accompanied by a pearl but there is also an array of gemstones including all birthstones to personalize it even more, some of which which can also be personally stamped or dated.

The necklace is delivered in its own cute little gift box complete with instructions of care and jewelry cleaning cloth to shine up the sterling silver when needed. It would make a great gift for those like my daughter who have a not so common name and are definitely heirloom quality. I couldn't wait to wear mine when it came and have worn it every day since. The chain is very sturdy despite its delicate appearance; the pendant is thicker than I expected making it habitual to play with while it's around my neck which by the way is a great way to show it off!

There are various other styles of jewelry to choose from including rings, bracelets and earrings but I gotta say I love the necklaces the most. Here are just a few of my favorites - it was hard to narrow it down to these...

  1. Sterling Silver Heart of Gold Name Charm Necklace
  2. Hand Stamped Mini HOPE Necklace
  3. Footprint and Handprint Double Sided Necklace
  4. "I Love you to the Moon and back" Pendant Necklace

The best part? They are hand stamped right here in the USA in my home state of Indiana to be exact.  Extra added bonus? There's something in it for you because a $75 gift certificate for your very own hand stamped necklace of your choice is being generously offered to one lucky reader! Enter to win below. 

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Good luck to all who enter!

You can find Denise on Facebook at Lauren Nicole Gifts 
and on Twitter at @LaurenNicoleLLC

*I was offered a personalized necklace to review and at the same time give you a chance to win one. Opinions are my own and this is my first rafflecopter giveaway so I hope it goes without a hitch. Please be gentle and enter often! This contest will end at 12am EST on 11/13/12