Friday, October 19, 2012

The Big Debate

While usually, you can find me talking about coffee and family - which are never topics for debate in my case, they just come with the package - I'm branching outside my comfort box here today to talk to you about the Big Debate. No, I'm not talking about the presidential debates - you can sigh relief here - we are discussing more serious issues than middle class taxes, immigration and gas prices, this is about the future of our country and our children people!

I'm speaking today on the topic I debate about the most over at 

The Sarcasm Goddess!
Leave my insides out of it!

Come visit me over there and see who really won the debate!


Mayor Gia said...

I checked it out! ...I care for neither (veg here.) :)

Amy said...

hence the cheese!

randy said...

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