Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Resilience in Children - Parenting 101

You can help kids by simply presenting them with opportunities and allowing them to help themselves.  Teaching children these real life skills can start at an early age, probably earlier than you might even think possible.  It's been proven time and time again by my friend and featured guest today.

"Resilience grows each time we give our kids a new skill."
~Deborah Gilboa, MD

Self Esteem and Children

Child psychology tells us that building self esteem in children will aid Early Childhood Development but if it's just being handed over to them, being continually pumped by parents, what is that really Teaching Children? Think about it, have you learned more by someone telling you something repeatedly or by actually going through it yourself? Why not help your children learn the same way?  Have them build their own self esteem by teaching kids skills, presenting them with the opportunities and situations to become proud of themselves.  You are probably already doing it in one way or another, you may just have to tweak it a little.

Resilience in children 

Many Parenting Books give you too much information and not necessarily the specific information you may need for your particular child. 

Present: Doctor G's 1st book in the Three R's of Parenting Series

Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch! 


A straightforward, purse size read that can be referred to often (and easily in the carpool line) that offers you 50 opportunities that can easily and immediately be pulled off in real life situations navigated by age group. Teaching children resilience isn't nearly as hard as it sounds.

Here's a little taste by age:
2 - 4
Trying a New Food
Handling Boredom
5 - 7
What's for Dinner?
Clean a Bathroom
8 - 10
Field Trip Forms
Setting an Alarm Clock

Not only does this book give you ideas on how to build self esteem in children, DocG also extends the book by providing helpful links and videos that can be instantly viewed on your phone through QR codes. She even gets into those hard to reach tween and teen years as well going up to the ripe age of 17.

After reading this book, my son later came to me with a Nintendo DS problem that required calling an 800#.  I had him call the number and navigate the automated system until he got to a live person.  I only had to give an okay, then handed the phone back to him so he could follow directions from the representative.  Guess what?  The problem was solved by him, not by mommy coming to the rescue.  The pride was apparent in him, so much that he wanted to call back later to get his game online.  

Give your kids the Early Education they need in life to be successful and resilient rather than dependent on you.  Make it easier on yourself now. 
They will thank you for it later!

Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) is a board certified Family Physician, mom of four kids and founder of, a resource for parents and educators who are working to raise great kids. She gives parenting workshops around the country and offers great free tools for raising kids who are Respectful, Responsible and Resilient! (Hello - the Three R's)

She can be found:

On twitter: @AskDocG 
Facebook: AskDoctorG 

*Disclosure: I was given a book for review and was in no way paid for this post.


Deborah Gilboa, MD said...

Wow, Amy - thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate your take on the book as a mom who is raising great kids!

Kim said...

Amy - you did a wonderful job describing Doctor G's book. I love it and she will be proud!!

Sarcasm Goddess said...

I love Doc G! If I ever have kids I'll have her on speed dial. Oh who am I kidding? She's already on speed dial.

Also? I'm really really not trying to plug my blog (I hate it when people do that in the comments) but it's totally crazy because I talked about building children's self esteem today too! We doctors think alike.

Amy said...

Thanks - I really do refer to your book often, I also had my son read some of it so he knows what he has to look forward to. I thought about giving it away but I can't part with it now!

Amy said...

Thanks Kim, wasn't it good?

Amy said...

Great minds, that must be what it is...btw her disclaimer on her site reads "I am not your doctor" - and? I think I might have sounded a little bias because how could you not love her?

Nellie said...

This is great! Thank you for the tips, I have never really thought about this so much yet as my oldest is 3, but I need to teach him resilience! I gotta get the book!

Mandy Knight said...

Hey Amy, great job putting this book into action. I have younger kids 4,2,and almost 1. I'm looking forward to having a quick read, and actions to take! Thanks Amy, and Thanks Doc G!

Robin said...

We've started thinking about how to get the kids learning to do more themselves, and learning to contribute more to the family ie) doing chores etc. They're 2 and 4 and I think this is the prime time to get started on it! Thanks for the review.