Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Things Taken From #BloggyCon

As I've mentioned, I'm slowly becoming a conference junkie as it's becoming a goal of mine to meet people I've never known - does that even sound sane? There are people I know I was destined to meet this past weekend, never knowing them before this conference, that I know I will definitely see again in the future.  This happened at Bloggy Boot Camp as well but with this Bloggy Conference, it was three fold.  People were very open and genuine whether they were speakers or newbies, everyone seemed to be on the same level when it came to standing in line for a head shot, or taking notes from fellow speakers probably because we were all there for the same cause - Growing with our Blogs.  Even though the growth was not the same for all, everyone got something out of it, leaving inspired with great ideas on how to move forward.  

There's bacon in those olives!
I am still wrapping my head around Bloggy Con I think, because it was the first multi-day experience I've had which takes it to a completely different level than the others I've gone to. Not to mention the nights in between with burgers, great ice cream and jaw dropping bacon filled olives in martinis! 

Tiffany and Sherry do an awesome job in selecting the speakers and sponsors chosen. Everything was professional, yet easy to digest - especially the coffee break - and the candy filled dishes on the tables were a perfect touch. Connections made were meaningful. 

It was encouraging to watch people meeting each other with hugs whether it was for the first time in an elevator or after knowing each other before meeting in person.  It was hard to tell the difference. Everybody was gracious, open and able to learn from one another. I never felt out of place sharing my own ideas in any session or conversation.

I have a few posts in the works that I would like to share based on the sessions I went to and the people I met, but let's just start with my top 10 take aways...

1. Blog more often, like nobody is reading.
2. Give yourself grace.
3. Over the top is funnier than real life.
4. Be concise.
5. Have a call to action. 
6. There is no magic formula.
7. A Brakini  TM does actually exist.
8. Deliver the punch line first.
9. I need to talk more.
10. Life is about friends.

If you haven't been to a conference, I would definitely recommend Bloggy Con as a perfect place to start.  It's a great opportunity to find like minded people whether you are a newbie or an experienced blogger. I really have @AskDocG to thank for this (and the picture above) as she was the first to put a bee in my bonnet about this conference and was generous enough to help me get there. Without her, I would be in a different place.  

Life is about friends!

Have you been to any blogging type conferences?  

What was your experience?

P.S. I think I left my shoes in Cincinnati.

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marymac said...

I just want to thank you for the TM sign after Brakini. I would have hated to have my lawyers rain down on you. ;) jk

SO. FAB. to meet you. It' not your fault you didnt talk enough given eating bacon olive martinis with the likes of Jersey Girl Tracy Beckerman, that raunchy roomie @AskDocG of yours and myself. ;)

Thrilled to meet another blogger with COFFEE in her blog name!

You rock! Hope to see you again soon!