Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Blues

First Monday of Fall giving you the blues?  With the Autumn weather upon us in the first days of Fall, the temperature has dropped here significantly in the last week including lows in the 30s so I decided we would go somewhere warm today...

Our Coffee Chat today is brought to you by the beautiful Fountains Resort in Orlando Florida which I would like to do a full write up on being that it was such an incredible place to stay.  This wasn't even the pool we hung out at when we stayed there.  The one we swam at came complete with cabanas (and the boys to go with them) and water slides. Let's just say the kids would have been happy there all day instead of going to the parks.  I really should have planned a day just at the hotel besides just the day we arrived there. Now that you're nice and warm, here's your coffee fix.  See which one applies to you most this morning...

The coffee question of the day:  Are there certain times of the day you drink coffee or do you have a steady flow all day long?

For me this really depends on the day.  There are some days that it's on all day long and then there's others that it's only made in the morning.  Most days, there's one pot in the morning and one after dinner because that's how I roll.  How do you roll?

Enjoy your week!!

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