Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspirational Coffee

Welcome back to another edition of this week's Coffee ChatDid your week fly by or did the end of the week crawl? How's about we go on over to this quaint little corner of France and have ourselves an inspirational little chat, shall we?

We could enjoy these pretty delights while we chat...

Speaking of inspiration, here's some new pics that I have related to and created this week, let me know which one you relate to the most.

Inspired by the ever hilarious @LaughingAbi

Made by @akaLaverne inspired by yours truly!

So here is today's question for you:  

Are you a seasonal coffee drinker?  Do you think there is a certain season that you tend to drink more coffee than others?

I know with the fall season in bloom, everyone is going for the pumpkin spice or the salted caramel so I'm curious to see if people drink more during this or any season.

Personally, I do not consider myself a seasonal coffee drinker - I just switch my drink in the summer to a little iced number and go back to the hot stuff once the cooler weather comes rolling into town.  I'm pretty predictable when it comes to my coffee and usually fall back on my regular stand-by drinks. Sure the holidays always offer a great variety of festive drinks and more of an excuse to indulge.  Do you resist temptation or go for all the seasonal tastiness coffee has to offer?

Join me again on Monday - have a great weekend!


Jennifer Hall said...

I love the HUGE mug picture, and the quote!

I do like to have a few of the seasonal coffee drinks. LOVE me some peppermint mocha in December!

Amy said...

I was thinking about making a button out of that one!

mamaviolet said...

I drink coffee black most of the time. I have tried some of the seasonal flavors but black is my staple.