Friday, September 28, 2012

Do You Drink Alone?

While I'm on location in Cincinnati for Bloggy Con this fine Friday, I offer you a spectacular view of the Mosel River in Germany for our Coffee Chat today.  I hope you enjoy!

Wouldn't that just be an ideal place to have coffee?  I think so!

Feel free to pin these coffee pictures today or what have you because they are a bit fun!

Your coffee question today:
Who do you drink coffee with?

I usually drink with my husband that's if he happens to be home that particular morning.  There are days when I drink alone and I'm fine with that as well.  In that case, more for me right?

So what about you?  Do you drink alone?


Daddysincharge said...

Awesome pic... I want to go back!!!

Jackie Park-Cross said...

Nope... not a coffee drinker! But I'd love to sit and look out over that beautfiul valley!

Amy said...

Of course you can come - I can supply your diet coke!

Amy said...

Let's go!!

Sarcasm Goddess said...

Can you please pack me in your suitcase and take me everywhere you go? Please? I usually drink alone because the husband and I have such different schedules.