Friday, September 7, 2012

Do You Believe in Karma?

Yesterday my husband fell almost 20 feet from a tree stand he was putting up in the middle of the woods. By himself. Those last 8 words gotta say this story's gonna be good.

He was attempting to put the top strap around to secure the stand when the seat of the stand became top heavy with him on it, going backwards top first away from the tree; still connected at the strap that was at the bottom a few feet below.  He said he basically went straight down watching tree and ladder rungs, landing square on his back, bouncing his head off the ground.  After laying there he said he rolled himself to his bag (all MacGyver-like where his phone was) because he thought he might have to call someone. Starting to crawl around, he figured he could make it back to the truck so at least if he did have to call someone, they could find him by his truck outside the woods instead of in the middle of nowhere.  Then, like a man, he of course proceeds to drive home.  

He walked in the house about a quarter to two calling me to help him get his boots off because he couldn't bend over and his left ring finger was swelled up with the knuckle black and blue. He prided himself in being able to take the ring off when he got back to the truck so they wouldn't have to cut it off.  He was walking like that little toy from when we were young where you push in the bottom and the whole giraffe body kind of collapses, only he was wincing instead of smiling. I asked him immediately if he needed to go somewhere and of course he wanted to man up and soak in the tub to see if that helped first.  By the time he got out, it was close to the bus coming with the kids and being that he was still walking gimpy I told him we should just go if only to make sure nothing was going on. It looked like his finger was most likely broken if nothing else. 

I knew my friend at the bus stop would take the kids from there but knowing my sensitive kids, I couldn't leave it at 'I'm taking Dad to the emergency room, don't worry we'll be back'. I felt like if they saw him and saw with their own eyes that he looked good, they wouldn't be as worried.  The only real visible injury was his finger as long as he wasn't walking, or you know moving really.

As we walked back from the bus stop and I told them what was going on of course they were worried and asking all kinds of questions about what he hurt and how. 

"What happened? Is Dad gonna be okay? Was he at home? Is he bleeding?"
"Dad fell out of his tree stand in the woods. He is hurt and in a lot of pain."
"Did he fall straight down? What did he break? Did he land on his feet? Is he okay?"
"It's hard to say. He landed on his back. His finger is black and blue. He will be okay."
"How bad is it? Is it broke? Is his whole hand broke? Did anything else break? Will he need to get a cast? Do you think he will need a brace for his back? I have a friend at school who broke her back on a trampoline, she had to have a back brace."
"That's why I want to take him, to find out for sure."
"Will he have to stay at the hospital?"
"We will find that out after they check him out. Probably not."
"He wasn't following his own safety rules, was he mom?" 
That last one was my daughter.

Then out of the blue walking up the driveway, my son asks:

"Mom, do you believe in Karma?"

"Like bad things happening to bad people?  What is your idea of karma David?"

"Like maybe (through tears) I did something bad to make something bad happen to dad?"

"Oh sweetie," I said, putting my arm around him, "that's not how karma works...wait, what did you do that was bad? Did you do something bad?"


"Babe, this is not your fault. At all."

We went inside and after I explained to dad what the boy was thinking in his ten year old mind, he proceeded to explain how karma works on the same person that does the bad things and it can't be transferred from person to person even if he had done something bad.  So intriguing how a ten year old mind works that he is already trying to find a way to blame himself for what happened to his dad.  Mature, yet still innocently sweet - makes me wonder how he's really wired sometimes.

After about 4 hours of mostly waiting, including an exam and X-rays on the back, pelvis and hand, my husband came away with only breaking a finger which will have to be reset by an orthopedic. He still winces when he walks and will be off work a couple days but the pain meds seem to be helping.  I'd say karma worked out in his favor this time considering all the things that could have happened that I promise not to obsess over.  

He did ask me the night before to go out there with him, maybe because he could have used help that I wouldn't have even been, probably because I keep telling him he shouldn't go out there by himself. I can't say anything would have went down any different except that I would have called ambulances out to the middle of nowhere. Maybe I would have been driving the karma bus, who knows.  Makes me wonder what would have happened if I had been there. Or if it happened because I wasn't. Or if I was there to take a video, he said we could probably be rich if I was.  He has now agreed from the advice of one of his hunting buddies not to go out by himself anymore.

So tell me, what do you believe about karma?


32Amber_:) said...

That is scary. I am so glad that all in all he is "alright" I use to date a guy who climbs for a living and the stories he would tell scared me. I hated seeing him up in those trees. In fact just thinking about him doing it now makes me scared and worried for him, his wife and son. But anyways...I'm not sure how I feel about this thing called Karma. Part of me wants to believe it. But another part of me don't. I'm totally torn on it. Anyways...I hope that the aches and pains will heal quick...

Sorry kid, your mom doesn't play well with others said...

You should tell him that was his warning of what is to come unless he cooks dinner every night, karma just gave him a least you can have fun with it because it did turn out (mostly) ok!

the robot mommy said...

Your sweet boy thinking he caused it. Awww.

Hope hubs is on the mend. And yes, karma exists.

JR Reed said...

I got dizzy just reading how he fel. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

No karma doesn't exist. It's the fact that things happen to everyone, regardless of the goodness or badness (whatever that means!) that you have done in the past. Whatever happens to you is a result of being in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time.

Mayor Gia said...

Yiiiiiikes! OOF. Glad he's mostly okay. Very lucky.