Monday, September 17, 2012

Chatting it up Coffee Style

I've decided to conduct a few social media experiments between now and the new year that I hope will include you! 

Some will be played out on twitter and facebook, others will be conducted here and there so be sure to follow me on all the outlets if you would like to play along.  I asked a question on facebook last week about how people take their coffee and it got a great response leading to more questions so I'm going off of that.

I'm excited to include a new series called Coffee Lovin' Mom's Coffee Chat.  

I will be asking a question every Monday and Friday (for a couple or three weeks) until I determine which day of the week is more engaging. After that it will be once a week. I will be answering the question of the day as well which will give us all a little more insight into our coffee habits good and bad. Some of the questions may not even involve coffee but most of them will lean that way. I also plan to have some interviews from coffee addicts in the future for this chat if you are interested, please let me know!

We can imagine we are having coffee here for our chat:

(Or somewhere else amazing and beautiful that will change each time)

I will also be sharing with you some coffee pictures that have been appropriate in my week.  Let me know if or how you relate to them...

Giving props to From the Compound for permission of the jar pic

So are you ready for your coffee question of the day?  

How many cups of coffee on average do you drink in a day?

I would say I average around 6.  Most days there are two pots of coffee made and there are other days where there's multiple.  It also depends on what I'm drinking, the home made brew goes a lot farther accumulating cups when I may only have one if it's take out and full of espresso. My cups are no less than 16oz - I don't do dainty when it comes to coffee or really anything for that matter, I'm not sure why it's even in my vocabulary.

Enjoy your day folks - I hope you don't have an out of coffee experience this week! I look forward to finding out about your coffee (among other) habits.  Join me again on Friday for another thought provoking question on Coffee Chat!


laughing abi said...

On average, I down three to four cups a day. Little more in the winter, little less in the summer. Any more than that and I start to get shaky!

Amy said...

I wish it had that effect on me - I think I would need an IV for that!

Kate Fineske said...

2-3 cups a day... I get shacky too (like laughing abi!) if I drink more than that! :)

Julie said...

I have a great little cup I got at Goodwill and I probably drink 3-4 of those a day. Love the new coffee chat plan!

Stephanie Boyd said...

Well, lets go off of how many pots of coffee I make per day. 4. So, I drink a lot of coffee!

Amy said...

that's my minimum - just enough to wake me up!

Amy said...

Did you take a picture of said mug? I seem to remember you being proud of that purchase. I hope it goes over and catches on!

Amy said...

Wow Stephanie! You drink that all by yourself? Usually if I get to a fourth pot someone is helping me at least.

Stephanie Boyd said...

Haha oh no!!! Not by myself!!! At least not all of it. I just drink too many cups to really keep count!