Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Ways You Embarrass Yourself

You Embarrass Yourself Four Times a Day

You probably didn't realize it, but we spend all day walking around humiliated.  You're not the only one!  According to a new survey*, the average person feels embarrassed four times a day.  That's 1,460 times a year.

Here Are the Top Ten Ways

#1.) Forgetting someone's name when you're introducing them.

#2.) Tripping in public.

#3.) Getting someone's name wrong.

#4.) Getting food stains or splashes on your shirt.

#5.) Waving at someone and they don't see it.

#6.) Having food stuck in your teeth.

#7.) Thinking someone's waving at you when they're not.

#8.) Being late.

#9.) Forgetting where you parked.

#10.) Burping accidentally.

I'm almost sure I could add a few to those. I trip over flip flops and run into doorways all the time.  It's a wonder I still have either of my baby toes.  This doesn't even factor in the countless times where I embarrass myself in front of the kids which is somewhat less embarrassing...for now. Being late is no longer an embarrassment. In fact, I was embarrassed for being an hour early for a party this past weekend. Also? It's really time I replaced some shirts and started buying coffee colored clothes, you would think I would have learned this by now.

How many times do you embarrass yourself on a daily basis?

I know I'm above average on this one.

*This from my friend Michael Dean on facebook.


Kate Fineske said...

I embarrass myself far too many times - however I am trying to not worry about it as much. You know? --> Don't sweat the small things (as they say). My WORST problem is remembering names... I absolutely hate that I cannot easily remember things like names!

Sue Diamond-Phillips said...

So great! I would add choking on your own spit, having someone ask you a question and AS you answer, they start talking over you to someone else. Love that.

Deb Zavoyna said...

You nailed it!

Debra Rutt said...

I would also add dropping things - keys, blackberry, coffee, soda or lunch - or even better, dropping your purse and something personal (like feminine products) tumbles out!

MamaCassie said...

Haha! I always have stains on my shirt too, so wearing coffee colored shirts all the time, may not be a bad idea :) Also, I had a bad habit of cutting corners too soon and run into walls because of it. :-/

Amy said...

I am the same way - or mispronouncing names like I did yours at first!

Amy said...

Choking on spit is a good one! How about when they ask you a question repeatedly and you don't really hear it so you just shake your head?

Amy said...

We can all relate!

Amy said...

If I had a nickle for every time I dropped something I would be a millionaire! I try to keep my personal products in a zipped pocket for that very reason!

Amy said...

There are shirts I can only wear at home due to the stains. I can't even wear white for more than about a minute. I have the problem with doorways too!

Sarah Lace said...

I don't leave my house. So, maybe once or twice a week. There is a method to my madness. If I was out and about more, my day would be one giant embarrassment lol

Mayor Gia said...

Oh man. Too many times. I'm cringing as I read this list.

Nellie said...

Just about a million, I'm glad to know i'm not alone :)

Jennifer Hall said...

It has become a running joke in my family that if I DON'T drip something on my shirt while eating, everyone is surprised. I embarrass myself alot due to my eyes. Oh what, there's a pole in my way? SMACK!