Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School, Is Mom Still Cool?

My kids started back up this past week with smiles on.
They both got the teachers they wanted and both were excited to get the school year started.  They picked out what they were going to wear the night before and got all their supplies ready to go like it was the night before Christmas.

I had to drive them in the first day this year because we didn't get to go to the open house we usually do the week before school starts to bring in the bags of school supplies they wouldn't want to have to carry.  We missed the open house due to having our last summer fling in Wisconsin Dells.  So we went to the packed parking lot and carried in all the bags together, first going to the third grade hallway to drop off my daughter and her stuff.  I gave her a kiss and a hug good bye before she sat down in line to get into her classroom.

My son hugged both teachers in that hall, one of which he had when he was in third grade. For being a big fifth grader himself, I thought it really sweet that he hug his old teachers because he missed seeing them and remembered how he liked them.  

Now it was time to go down to the big kid hallway where the fourth and fifth graders wait for their classrooms to be opened.  We walked to his group watching all the other kids sitting in a row along the wall and he waved at other kids that weren't in his class.  When we arrived at his classroom, he immediately sat down.  I handed him his extra bags and said goodbye.  No hug or goodbye kiss like there had been in years before and as I walked away it didn't occur to me.  Then I sat in the car and thought about it.  He must be too big to want to hug mom in front of his friends anymore.  The day I was dreading since he was little had come.  I had a tear in my eye as I drove back home.

When he came home that first day, I asked him jokingly if he was too old to give his old mom a hug and a kiss in front of all his friends that were in the hallway that morning. Instead of agreeing with me about feeling embarrassed like I thought he would his response was genuine: "Oh, you mean I forgot to hug you before you left? Really? (thinking back) I'm sorry mom, I would have given you a hug and a kiss if I remembered!"

Gotta love that kid!


Mayor Gia said...

Awww what a sweet boy (for now...) :)

Jennifer Hall said...

Aw shucks, sweet kid!