Thursday, July 19, 2012

Throat Punch Thursday - Eye for an Eye Edition

Before you decide to read this I want you to know that it makes me a little nauseous to write about it so if you have a weak stomach or a ten year old boy, which is why I am so drawn to this story, please be warned - it's not a pretty sight and may contain explicit sexual language...

It's a milestone, it's double digits, it's when your child gets 'big enough' to do certain things like finally be able to go to the boys bathroom instead of going in with mom anymore.  Every time we take a road trip to visit my grandmother in Iowa, my son goes to the boys while the rest of us girls go into the ladies room.  Until I read this story, I was under the naivety that this was okay.  I figured Iowa of all places would be safe - but let's face it, there is no safe state in this day and age. I will definitely be doing things differently from now on.

(Credit: AP Photo/Portland Police Bureau)
This story takes place in Portland, Oregon at a Wendy's where a preacher's son turned convicted sexual predator who previously served 11 years two decades ago on three convicted counts of first degree sodomy was waiting outside the bathroom.  

49 year old Adam Lee Brown who has more than nine counts of molestation from 1992 shoved a ten year old boy into the bathroom locking and barricading the door while he attempted to sexually molest this innocent boy.  When the boy tried to fight back, he was stabbed repeatedly while his defenseless father stood helplessly outside the door listening to screams coming from his son on the other side.

Helplessly listening - can you even imagine that scene?  I'm sure that father was trying his damnedest to get though that door but just the thought of not being able to protect your child when who knows what the hell is happening on the other side just sends me into a frenzy.

The manager of the restaurant was able to unlock the door and the injured boy was shoved back out, taken to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery for his injuries.  It was said that if he didn't get immediate attention, he would have died from those injuries. This low life piece of shit then led police to believe he had a gun and proceeded through a two hour standoff before surrendering.  Thank God he let the boy go when he did. To top the whole story off with a cherry, Adam Lee Brown is also HIV positive and will be brought up on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault to add to his previous convictions.

I am having a really hard time stomaching this story being the mother of a ten year old boy and I am sickened that this waste of space only served 11 years for his previous equally heinous crimes.  On three convicted counts he served a little over three years for each count - does that even seem right to you?  That means he's been out on the streets for almost the last decade doing who knows what waiting around the corner who knows where for his next victim.  I bet there will be more stories that come out now that this one is out in the open.

I really feel like crimes like these should be an eye for an eye.  If when convicted two decades ago, any part of the Pulp Fiction scene at the pawn shop with Zed would have been imposed on this evil sodomising scum rock, so that he would know the exact pain his victims felt would it have even made a difference?  Probably only if he dies at the end of the scene.  The fact that he has plead not guilty in this case and will even get a trial as if he might be innocent makes me lose a little more faith in the judicial system. How do people get to plead not guilty when it's something completely obvious?  How does he get the right to a fair trial when he's ruined so many children's lives?  He's already a registered sex offender - that doesn't ever get scratched right? His record should say it all already. By the math they did last time, he won't be behind bars long.  Eff that - I say somebody needs to get medieval on his ass.

Agree or disagree?  What did you think when you first heard this story? Will it change how big you think your ten year old (or however old) really is?  I know it did for me.


Marianna Annadanna said...

Had to stop reading, but yes THROAT PUNCH.

Jen Piwtpitt said...

A punch in the throat is not enough for this guy. I'm thinking a public stoning. This is absolutely horrifying. My 7 year old would like to go in the bathroom alone and I was toying with the idea of allowing it. Looks like he's going to be spending some more time in the ladies' room.

Ashley Perrin said...

God that's just horrible. I have a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. He still goes with me to the bathroom and after reading this story he will probably will stay that way for a longer period of time than I had originally planned. Or go with his dad of course.

Maria said...

I agree with you Amy!! I firmly believe sex offenders, ESPECIALLY child molesters should NOT be given any type of special treatment, they should be thrown out with the general popluation in the prisons, no mercy, as they had none for the innocent kids they preyed on.

L.A.C.E. said...

Fucker! Am I allowed to say that? After 3 convictions, 11 yrs in prison, and then this. yeah, public stoning or at least the death penalty, but expedited so tax payers don't have to pay for him to live it up behind bars. Obviously there is no rehabilitating for this perv.

Therobotmommy said...

I don't think I'll let my son go alone to the public bathroom until he is 30 and a 2nd degree black belt like his dad. Hell, I don't have a belt and I want to beat the shit out of this mother fucker.

Les Botchar said...

it's a terrible commentary on our times that you get a heftier prison sentence for stealing a car......than a child's innocence. I think that pretty sums up everything that is completely fucked up about this world.
I worked with sex offenders once upon a time - I had to get out of that job because I disagreed with my employer's view that they could be "cured". These monsters cannot be cured, and they will never stop. And yes.....most targeted place: men's public washrooms. their standard trick is to either hide in there, or wait outside until a young boy goes in alone. And it only takes a few moments for your child's life to be hanging around outside the door - doesn't even make a difference. Me? I got no shame -- I march right in and make sure no one is in there first and then I stand at the door like Gandalf: "you shall not pass" - until my son comes out.
call me crazy -- I don't give a shit - I don't have the luxury of being blind to these fucks. I already know too much.

Maria said...

That's right, I always walk in and check to see if anyone is in the restroom and I stand at the door as guard until he comes out. My son is almost thirteen, but is blind, so if a male family or friend (adult)does not go in with him, I stand there, sometimes with the door halfway open, depending on if it's private or has more than one stall. I don't care how it looks, I don't care if I make anyone uncomfortable.

Sarcasm Goddess said...

This makes me sick and completely outraged. I cannot imagine the horror that poor boy experienced and the agony and helplessness the father must have felt. I agree, an eye for an eye.

Mark said...

This story is really heartbreaking. I think that this kind of men shouldn't be freed out in the open anymore. I feel sorry for the boy and his family.