Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did You Know Sky Mall Sells Zombies?

If you've ever flown with American Airlines, you've seen Sky Mall, their complimentary magazine of outrageous organizational items you will never be able to afford unless you take out a small loan.  No offense Sky Mall, your stuff is all really cool..I would love to buy it all with my extra million I have waiting to sprout in the backyard seriously.  I can't get enough of all your innovative As Seen On TV items and I would enjoy nothing more than to acquire that Big Foot tree sculpture to scare away the foxes that lurk in my backyard late at night.  I am hip to all the vintage you bring to the table while at the same time trying to help make improvements in my life with your bamboo Tiki Bar and six foot Easter Island Head.  My children especially enjoyed playing the 'what-would-you-get-on-this-page?' game during the flight.  If you have ever bought something from Sky Mall I wouldn't hold it against you, please let me know..I want to come over and envy your yard sculptures. DID YOU KNOW? I was delightfully surprised on our recent flight to find out that they are now selling Zombies!
Click for the whole Zombie Collection

Speaking of zombies, I had a nice friend offer to guest post while I was out of town last week and I left the post in draft mode instead of scheduling the damn thing while I was gone. 
Can you guess who she is?

      How long have you been blogging?
Technically speaking my blog has been up and running for about 3 years. It started as a way for me to tell stories about my kids to my family but I wanted to take it further and I needed a place to just let everything out. I have actively been blogging for a little over a year.
What piece of advice can you give to unseasoned bloggers?
GET RID OF CAPTCHA! Seriously, I hate that thing. It takes a lot of time to comment on a lot of blogs, I tend to comment and run. I have more than once commented, went to leave and had captcha pop up right when I hit the back button. I won’t re-write a comment because I like to leave in depth comments, a re-write makes it seem fake.    

When is your favorite time of the day and why?
About 9pm, I get to curl up and play on my Kindle, read blog posts, or whatever. I can watch a movie or just enjoy the silence. If I want an ice cream cone, I can get up and get one without hearing, “I want a bite.”   

Where were you last Tuesday?
Last Tuesday hasn’t happened yet. Are you confused yet? Amy likes to mess with us, I blame her. No, I am writing this in advance, so last Tuesday to you all is the future for me now. WOW, is your mind blown? Plus, today is Tuesday and it’s almost over. But I did participate and a monthly blog hop called “Did You Know?” That I co-host with Just Jennifer the first Tuesday of the month. (Can you guess what that makes today then)

       Who or what brings you the most inspiration?
Life. My life is full of stuff. Good moments, bad moments, interesting and trying moments. Lately life has been a bit dark and twisty (in the words of Meredith Grey), but when I can I write through it. Lately I have been getting a little spiritual inspiration and hope to be back to blogging FULL time (3x a week for me) REAL soon!

     What is your favorite movie?

 Why should people read your blog?
I am real. I am not out to sell myself. I am out to tell my life story and hopefully help someone in the process. I write where my heart is. I write what I feel, when I feel. If that’s not good enough, then just come because of the zombies. I write about those guys too. Oh, but be aware, I am not a grammar nazi. When I write I am in the moment and don’t really proof read. Why you ask? Because I have 3 kids, no time or I will chicken out and not hit publish.

      What blog post of yours is your favorite? 

      Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
I have been all over the West Coast and to Texas. Got married in Las Vegas and even had a little “cross the border to Mexico” experience.  However, the most interesting was right here in Seattle, the Fremont Parade. It’s a bunch of naked people in tutus, body paints and floats that run on human (or dog) power only. 

     This or that:
     You know that by saying I have to choose one or the other you are making me want to write A LOT more for each one. Okay…biting my tongue, or fingers…whatever.
      Gloves or Mittens?
Air Guitar or Lip Sync?
Lip Sync
Cape or Mask?
What would a super hero be without both? Just some crazy person in a mask or a cape. Ugh, I blew it…I choose both.
Heads or Tails?

Pie in the Face or Slip on a Banana peel?
Pie in the face! It’s hilarious. I have done it!

Did you guess it was Danielle at Motherhood Truth? 
Thanks D - remember coffee does a zombie good!

Danielle can be found every month hosting with Just Jennifer at their Did You Know linky!

She also tweets at @MotherhoodTruth


Jennifer Hall said...

Awesomeness! Great way to tie zombies and Danielle together. So when do I get interviewed? Hmmmm....? ;-)

Danielle Garringer said...

Buahahahah I love it! I was looking at the zombie stuff in the Sky Mall magazine on my way to Ohio. This is too perfect!

Fred Brooke said...

This was fun! I agree down with Capcha!

AnnMarie Gubenko said...

Hate Captcha! Great post! It was a fun read.

Lucy Ball said...

Definitely hate captcha. Seriously. Where have all of you AMAZING people been? Oh. Right here? Seriously great posts and blog!