Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Because Every Blog Should Have Legos

I had originally intended for this post to be my own video montage of all the amazing Lego structures we saw in Lego Land earlier in the month but this is so much sweeter!  Just wait!

I saw a tweet some time ago from my friend Julie @TheMamaMash about this guy and his great Lego videos so of course being a mom of a Lego fiend myself, I was inclined to check it out.  What can I say?  I was hooked. Line and sinker.  I had to show my son who almost immediately had his YouTube channel on his favorites and soon Daddy's In Charge? became a household name over here.  No joke.  My kids both talk about and act like they know his boys and everything with the hula hoop comparison and all...(that was when my daughter got involved..)

John Willey is his name and Legos are his obsession - GAME I meant to say game.  But he's so much more than just Legos, he's a dad that doesn't babysit who writes about his joys and trials of being a stay at home dad with two boys. He is also taking YouTube, the interwebs and soon the world by storm via Legos. I really don't think he can help it. It's in his blood. He's one of a handful of dad bloggers that I follow and enjoy chatting with on a regular basis so when I asked him to guest post, he told me he would do a video for me. I was secretly hoping I would be in it but had no idea I would be the star!!  For someone that has never met me, I think he pretty much nailed it - what do you think?

My son's response when he saw it: "I love that Daddy's In Charge!"
I am forever immortalized in the eyes of my son and I have John to thank.
David is still beaming because his mom is a Lego!

You can find John on Twitter @DaddysinCharge
You Tube for his awesome videos: Daddy's In Charge
And he's often found on Facebook at Daddy's In Charge? there too!

Go check him out, you will be glad you did and you can thank me later!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Throat Punch Thursday - Eye for an Eye Edition

Before you decide to read this I want you to know that it makes me a little nauseous to write about it so if you have a weak stomach or a ten year old boy, which is why I am so drawn to this story, please be warned - it's not a pretty sight and may contain explicit sexual language...

It's a milestone, it's double digits, it's when your child gets 'big enough' to do certain things like finally be able to go to the boys bathroom instead of going in with mom anymore.  Every time we take a road trip to visit my grandmother in Iowa, my son goes to the boys while the rest of us girls go into the ladies room.  Until I read this story, I was under the naivety that this was okay.  I figured Iowa of all places would be safe - but let's face it, there is no safe state in this day and age. I will definitely be doing things differently from now on.

(Credit: AP Photo/Portland Police Bureau)
This story takes place in Portland, Oregon at a Wendy's where a preacher's son turned convicted sexual predator who previously served 11 years two decades ago on three convicted counts of first degree sodomy was waiting outside the bathroom.  

49 year old Adam Lee Brown who has more than nine counts of molestation from 1992 shoved a ten year old boy into the bathroom locking and barricading the door while he attempted to sexually molest this innocent boy.  When the boy tried to fight back, he was stabbed repeatedly while his defenseless father stood helplessly outside the door listening to screams coming from his son on the other side.

Helplessly listening - can you even imagine that scene?  I'm sure that father was trying his damnedest to get though that door but just the thought of not being able to protect your child when who knows what the hell is happening on the other side just sends me into a frenzy.

The manager of the restaurant was able to unlock the door and the injured boy was shoved back out, taken to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery for his injuries.  It was said that if he didn't get immediate attention, he would have died from those injuries. This low life piece of shit then led police to believe he had a gun and proceeded through a two hour standoff before surrendering.  Thank God he let the boy go when he did. To top the whole story off with a cherry, Adam Lee Brown is also HIV positive and will be brought up on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault to add to his previous convictions.

I am having a really hard time stomaching this story being the mother of a ten year old boy and I am sickened that this waste of space only served 11 years for his previous equally heinous crimes.  On three convicted counts he served a little over three years for each count - does that even seem right to you?  That means he's been out on the streets for almost the last decade doing who knows what waiting around the corner who knows where for his next victim.  I bet there will be more stories that come out now that this one is out in the open.

I really feel like crimes like these should be an eye for an eye.  If when convicted two decades ago, any part of the Pulp Fiction scene at the pawn shop with Zed would have been imposed on this evil sodomising scum rock, so that he would know the exact pain his victims felt would it have even made a difference?  Probably only if he dies at the end of the scene.  The fact that he has plead not guilty in this case and will even get a trial as if he might be innocent makes me lose a little more faith in the judicial system. How do people get to plead not guilty when it's something completely obvious?  How does he get the right to a fair trial when he's ruined so many children's lives?  He's already a registered sex offender - that doesn't ever get scratched right? His record should say it all already. By the math they did last time, he won't be behind bars long.  Eff that - I say somebody needs to get medieval on his ass.

Agree or disagree?  What did you think when you first heard this story? Will it change how big you think your ten year old (or however old) really is?  I know it did for me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did You Know Sky Mall Sells Zombies?

If you've ever flown with American Airlines, you've seen Sky Mall, their complimentary magazine of outrageous organizational items you will never be able to afford unless you take out a small loan.  No offense Sky Mall, your stuff is all really cool..I would love to buy it all with my extra million I have waiting to sprout in the backyard seriously.  I can't get enough of all your innovative As Seen On TV items and I would enjoy nothing more than to acquire that Big Foot tree sculpture to scare away the foxes that lurk in my backyard late at night.  I am hip to all the vintage you bring to the table while at the same time trying to help make improvements in my life with your bamboo Tiki Bar and six foot Easter Island Head.  My children especially enjoyed playing the 'what-would-you-get-on-this-page?' game during the flight.  If you have ever bought something from Sky Mall I wouldn't hold it against you, please let me know..I want to come over and envy your yard sculptures. DID YOU KNOW? I was delightfully surprised on our recent flight to find out that they are now selling Zombies!
Click for the whole Zombie Collection

Speaking of zombies, I had a nice friend offer to guest post while I was out of town last week and I left the post in draft mode instead of scheduling the damn thing while I was gone. 
Can you guess who she is?

      How long have you been blogging?
Technically speaking my blog has been up and running for about 3 years. It started as a way for me to tell stories about my kids to my family but I wanted to take it further and I needed a place to just let everything out. I have actively been blogging for a little over a year.
What piece of advice can you give to unseasoned bloggers?
GET RID OF CAPTCHA! Seriously, I hate that thing. It takes a lot of time to comment on a lot of blogs, I tend to comment and run. I have more than once commented, went to leave and had captcha pop up right when I hit the back button. I won’t re-write a comment because I like to leave in depth comments, a re-write makes it seem fake.    

When is your favorite time of the day and why?
About 9pm, I get to curl up and play on my Kindle, read blog posts, or whatever. I can watch a movie or just enjoy the silence. If I want an ice cream cone, I can get up and get one without hearing, “I want a bite.”   

Where were you last Tuesday?
Last Tuesday hasn’t happened yet. Are you confused yet? Amy likes to mess with us, I blame her. No, I am writing this in advance, so last Tuesday to you all is the future for me now. WOW, is your mind blown? Plus, today is Tuesday and it’s almost over. But I did participate and a monthly blog hop called “Did You Know?” That I co-host with Just Jennifer the first Tuesday of the month. (Can you guess what that makes today then)

       Who or what brings you the most inspiration?
Life. My life is full of stuff. Good moments, bad moments, interesting and trying moments. Lately life has been a bit dark and twisty (in the words of Meredith Grey), but when I can I write through it. Lately I have been getting a little spiritual inspiration and hope to be back to blogging FULL time (3x a week for me) REAL soon!

     What is your favorite movie?

 Why should people read your blog?
I am real. I am not out to sell myself. I am out to tell my life story and hopefully help someone in the process. I write where my heart is. I write what I feel, when I feel. If that’s not good enough, then just come because of the zombies. I write about those guys too. Oh, but be aware, I am not a grammar nazi. When I write I am in the moment and don’t really proof read. Why you ask? Because I have 3 kids, no time or I will chicken out and not hit publish.

      What blog post of yours is your favorite? 

      Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
I have been all over the West Coast and to Texas. Got married in Las Vegas and even had a little “cross the border to Mexico” experience.  However, the most interesting was right here in Seattle, the Fremont Parade. It’s a bunch of naked people in tutus, body paints and floats that run on human (or dog) power only. 

     This or that:
     You know that by saying I have to choose one or the other you are making me want to write A LOT more for each one. Okay…biting my tongue, or fingers…whatever.
      Gloves or Mittens?
Air Guitar or Lip Sync?
Lip Sync
Cape or Mask?
What would a super hero be without both? Just some crazy person in a mask or a cape. Ugh, I blew it…I choose both.
Heads or Tails?

Pie in the Face or Slip on a Banana peel?
Pie in the face! It’s hilarious. I have done it!

Did you guess it was Danielle at Motherhood Truth? 
Thanks D - remember coffee does a zombie good!

Danielle can be found every month hosting with Just Jennifer at their Did You Know linky!

She also tweets at @MotherhoodTruth

Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Ten Tips for Disney Virgins

Still on a Walt Disney World high over here, (we got back last week) and still calling myself a virgin considering the last time I was at the park was when I was 12...

We had the best time we knew how to have - the kids were really the ones having the most fun and that's what counted to me. Many great childhood memories were made and magical moments shared. There are a few things I wish I would have known before we went that would have made it that much more magical.  

  1. Get used to standing in line.  No matter what you plan to do from rides to meeting characters to simply getting an ice cream, you will have to stand in line for it.  This should be a given and considered in your timing before you even husband was in denial which led to sweaty fake woo hoos about standing in line for the following ride.

  2. Stay cool and hydrated. You will be melting after all, plus the water helps with all the sweaty woo hoos.

  3. Go into any shop and ask for a pin that says it is your (or your child's) first visit to the park. The park employees will make a big deal out of the person wearing the pin no matter their age.

  4. Make sure you get a Disney Photo Pass - this is where a photographer takes your picture at a certain location then scans it onto a card.  You can take this card with you around to wherever there is a photographer in any of the parks and get your photos scanned to view online.  It's brilliant!  I was so happy to have this service being that I thought I lost my camera for the princess makeover..

  5. Know that the Fast Pass is a free service and really good if you are spending the entire day at one park and have a couple hours to come back.  If you go into a line at 2pm, it's an hour wait, and the fast pass tells you to come back at 4pm - sometimes it just seemed easier to wait in line than to come back later.  

  6. Be aware that if you are eating your meals at the park, it will cost you and a few are not really kid friendly foods even though it sounds like it might be.  We had waffle sandwiches which sounded like something the kids would like, not so much.

  7. It's a good idea to research and at least look at a park map before you go so that you can decide with your family which attractions really interest you that you just can't miss and which you could pass on. Note to self:  look at the restaurants too!

  8. Be sure to grab a map at the front gate of each park you enter.  

  9. Don't miss Space Mountain no matter what - it's worth however long you might have to wait, my daughter who sat in the front seat will tell you..

  10. There is an app you can download on your phone called Mobile Magic that will tell you the current show and wait times, maps, attractions and weather based on where you are in the parks.  I used this once the whole time, proving how techie I really am.  I guess I'm more old school with the holding and folding of the maps..

All in all it was a very enchanting experience and one that I would love to do again with my family after giving my husband a couple chill'd think after doing it once he would know what to expect but trust that he will still need the chill pills.

Have you been to Walt Disney World?  
What are your tips and tricks?