Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Summer - Goodbye Swingset

Our summer officially started last weekend..
We are still unloading bags and loading up others.
This summer will be one to remember as it started out with a bang -
 we finally got rid of the beloved and much used swing set.

The swing set we bought at our last house the summer we moved in  there, when Rhiannon was a baby and David was two. We started with a baby swing in place of one of the swings and eventually added the teeter totter when they got big enough for it.  There were many happy swinging days spent, teetering, gliding and sliding.  They especially loved the summer we put a pool at the bottom of the slide.

After moving with us here to this house in 2008, it survived another couple years before losing the swings that are now attached to trees for higher, more stomach dropping swinging capacities. Soon the swing set was used more for hanging upside down than anything else. 

We made the decision at the end of last summer that it would be the last but of course we were talked into keeping it until this spring when the glider literally broke out from under feet that were clearly too heavy. It became more of a hazard than anything else at that point so we took it apart through pleads.  We brought it down to the end of the driveway, each carrying a couple pieces.  As dad brought the slide down, there were sad faces and a request to go down the slide that had been pretty much vacant for the last couple years "just one last time?".

As she sat at the top of the slide, she put her hands in the air like she was little again, like it was going to be the ride of her life.  At that moment I thought about all the happy years that swing set brought and I hoped she remembered some good times too. She gave out a good whee on the way down and that was it.  
The end of an era. 

Best $125 I have ever spent.  Lasted a memorable seven years with no major injuries. Haven't gotten that good a return on anything I've invested in yet.  Now we move on to bigger like a tree house and better like a zip line - the thrills just aren't what they used to be..

What's something you invested in for your kids that has had the best value and return?


Daddysincharge said...

We've had a good five years so far with our swing set. The company sent me some recall parts two years ago and I didn't use them until this year when a couple of the rungs on the ladders broke. But now it's as good as new... Of course the kids play on it less and less as the swing just doesn't swing far enough.

Queen of Chaos Mom said...

I'm not getting any Mommy awards for this but our portable DVD player. Best $80 ever. It solved fights with the kids when they want to watch their shows and my toddler wants to watch Bubble Guppies, it kept me sane while my daughter watched a movie on it during basketball games and it allowed me to drive in peace.

the robot mommy said...

Sad to see a piece that brought memories go away. New memories await :)

Sarah said...

If you put a zip line in the backyard, I'm totally coming over! ;) Glad you have such great memories!


laughing abi said...

Neither of my kids use our swing set any more. The only reason it's still standing is because I'm sappy and can't let it go. I'm sure by the end of the summer they will convince me that it's time to get a trampoline. Sigh.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Bigger and better...sniff

CoffeeLovinMom said...

driving in peace = priceless!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

They want stomach dropping, we really need a roller coaster to call it a day