Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee, My Coffee - A Royal Confession

So this is the day I've been waiting for since I timidly asked her to guest post back earlier in the year expecting her to say no - and she said YES.  I think it must have had something to do with the day we met last year, I'm almost embarrassed to say wasn't sure exactly who she was until she handed me her card and I went OhEMGee I know you!  

Neither one of us had much knowledge of the other when we sat down at the table but we made a connection that day and admitted to each other that we felt familiar with one another like we had known each other already. Maybe if you've had the opportunity to meet her between BlogHer or a LTYM show among other major appearances with her other regular columns or in the school line showing off her poncho style, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's just a thing when bloggers meet and you know you instantly have something in common that makes it easier to feel at ease with someone you just met.  Either way, I'm very proud to have her here, you know her, you love her - she needs no introduction -  it's The Empress Alexandra from Good Day Regular Peopletalking the coffee talk and walking the coffee walk

Dear Coffee:

I love you.

I have always loved you. I never had to live the "don't know what ya got till it's gone" with you.

I know what I have. And I can't believe such a fine high is legal.

Coffee, my coffee, the perfect drink. Black gold. Brings you up, yet calms you down.

Like a good Colombian family, our day began with a pot of you always percolating on the stove. I received my very own first percolator at age three, which my Spanish grandmother would fill with coffee, and my brother and I would sit and sip in the warm, sweet smoothness of you. We were masters of slowly stirring in the cream till it was the perfect caramel brown, born knowing the mix of cream to caffeine, part of our Andean DNA.

I have never not known the power of caffeine, oh, no, not then, not now, not ever.

I understand all the coffee jokes, I get them -- I even poke fun at my own twitching eyes.

I confess that it was me that turned my innocent never exposed to this high octane lifestyle German husband down this indulgent espresso path. Poor soul, he never stood a chance. One morning, after a particularly focusing round of the bean, I had him convinced he could run for President and win. After one more cup, emitting a Howard Dean primal scream, he was submitting nomination papers.

You can have intelligent conversation when you hold a mug in your hand.
You are confident with a mug in your hand. You are clever. Witty. Sharp. Focused.
Ideas are firing off in your head like a little boy with a cap gun.You'd be left with such a good feeling, that at times I could scarcely believe this liquid was so cheap when I'd pay any price for it. Name it, SaveMart.

My days are built around coffee. Come downstairs, have that cup, instant vibrating good mood, and get it all done; the exercising, the smiling. The ideas for posts. Bing bing bing. 5,000 lined up and ready in draft and celebrate me! Woo hoo! Ima get stuff done today.

I'd finish one cup and start another. People would mention they were cutting down to two a day, and I'd quip, "yeah, me, too ... two POTS!"
Hilarious, coffee makes me hilarious.

On the days of that perfect, centering caffeine buzz, where the chemical balance of coffee ingested is just right that you love everybody and everything and Life is SO good! you look in the mirror and love that, too, with that adrenaline cherry flush in your cheeks and only the two second attention span to not stare much longer.

To those of you who know just what I'm talking about, your mouth  is already wetting and salivating as you read this. Your mind sees a  hot, fresh cup of coffee in your permanently coffee-mug clawed hand, fingers molded by the handle. You know you can smell it if you close your eyes. Ahhh ... nothing. like. it.

My three kids love me on the magic bean."You're so much fun, Mom, you chase us around!"

Yes, oh, yes, I do love my coffee.

But I get tired sometimes, of what feels like a secret that others make me feel I should be ashamed of.
I want to declare my love for coffee. I no longer want to live closeted about something that is so huge in my life. I want my lips loosed and I want to open the floodgates of truth. I can't hold in my secret two pot consuming lifestyle of choice any longer. 
I want to shout it Like this: COFFEE! I LOVE YOU!

I love you, coffee. I gaze at you in my steamy cup, I cradle you, both hands encircling my favorite mug this morning. I feel the warmth of you and the satisfying almost too hot sensation of you slipping down my throat. I gently blow across your smooth surface before I take that slow, measured sip; I close my eyes and softly inhale the steam rising from my cup. Oh, the magic of that vapor, the warm mist that opens up more than just your sinuses; the steam that gives way to confidences exchanged through softly intimate voices. I know these moments so very well.

I keep you around,  in small amounts, in a rolled up shiny off-white bag, hidden behind the vitamins, so that I can for a minutes here and there, open you and inhale you and linger on your seduction.
Dear wonderful coffee, how can you be so magically cheap? And so easy to get? I love you. Two pots a day and all.

You can understand why my love goes beyond deep for this Coffee Lovin' Empress (that has a nice ring to it) in more ways than just coffee talk, even though obviously we are kindred souls. This lady is going places - no joke, the biggest and the best is where she's at because as that saying goes, you get what you give. If you haven't read her personal blog, you've probably seen her somewhere out there.  If you really don't already know her, you must start now.  She is the epitome of what a true blogger is and is where she is today simply because of her authentic and humbly hilarious voice from the heart.  

I thank you SO much for being my featured guest this week - can't wait till we meet again, over coffee perhaps?  

She can be found on twitter @GDRPempress
and facebook at: Good Day, Regular People

So, I'm curious, do YOU have a Coffee Confession?


the robot mommy said...

Omgeeeee. I love her even more now!!!

Gooddayregularpeople said...

Lady, I am SO happy to be here. As you must have known by now: TWITTER IS DOWN FOR ME. I am dying. I .am.dying.
So, thank you for persevering in getting through to me.

Twitter Support?? I will deal with you after I thank this lovely lady for the offer of her space today, to speak of my true love. That which I love MORE than twitter: COFFEE..

brian miller said...

mmmm i love coffee....i love coffee black and strong....i love coffee anytime of the day...oh the things coffee does to me....hehe...yeah i got a small obsession as well...

Gooddayregularpeople said...

I'm with the mormons on this one.

Coffee is a drug to me. The smell, the taste, the warmth, the ritualness of it all.

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Ah coffee. My father introduced me to this gorgeous nectar. One of the best things he's ever done for me. Other than giving life to me obviously.

She'sWrite said...

I love Good Day Regular People!!! This is a great guest post, I understand why you would be so honored. She's such a great writer, ain't she? Hmmm, my coffee confession... Well, I suppose that many people are shocked to find out that I haven't always loved coffee, especially since that is my last name. :)