Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PSA - Don't Mess with this Slick Chick!

So this post was intended to go out on Monday but we had no internet at our house until late this afternoon. It's been acting up and we had a second tech out to look at the situation today who seemingly solved the problem - so far so good. 

It's amazing how less than a 48 hour window of no internet can mess up a blog (like this one) with no scheduled posts in advance... 

I told my husband it was a good thing I don't get paid to be on the internet.  
His response was if I did, we would have been millionaires a long time ago..

Anyway - 

This PSA is a creation that my daughter came up with for a project at school, other choices were to make a poster with an anti-drug message or write a song. She chose the video and when I told her she could be both characters, she was all over it.

I give you a second grader's take on saying NO to drugs..

She thinks this will be her gateway to fame and stardom, trust me.  She was only disappointed in the fact that her classmates laughed - I told her that just meant she was entertaining. Wouldn't you agree?


Connie Pierce said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!....You have one smart and adorable child there :)

JR Reed said...

This is all the way cool!

Krista said...

She did a great job! I'm sure you're one proud Momma.

jaclyn.vernace said...

Of course it means she's entertaining! She's adorable too :)

Love your webiste! Following :)