Friday, May 18, 2012

Coffee Fuels the Soul

So we've all heard in the news this week about how research is showing 
coffee can cut your overall risk of dying by 10%.  

It seems to go back and forth throughout the history of research about coffee and current studies also include sites of traces of certain hazardous poisons being in different types of coffee. You can believe one or the other or both.  I wouldn't get excited about any of them - even though I was admittedly immediately intrigued about the whole living longer thing. These researchers will most likely change their minds again in the future as per usual like how they often go back and forth about the health risks or benefits of eggs or milk. 

No matter how you take your coffee the bottom line is this:
Believe what you want to believe - if you believe it's good for you, and you will live longer because of it, then do it right? If you believe that it's not good for you, simply leave it alone, we won't hold it against you. For long.  Promise.

Now I'm not saying this will philosophy work on cake or anything deep fried - what I am saying is that if you want to live to the highest mortality rate you can achieve and you think massive amounts of coffee will get you there, more power to you!  Who am I to tell you to stop?  I wouldn't dare.  Dumbo believed he could fly because he was holding a single feather...

I believe that coffee fuels my soul.  

I believe coffee warms my heart and invigorates my spirit.

 I believe I will probably live forever just on what I've already consumed in my life this far.  

I believe coffee is my best friend who has been around the longest and has never forsaken me when I needed it most. (of course who knows what happens when my back is turned)

What do you believe about your coffee?

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Mayor Gia said...

I believe coffee is a REQUIREMENT. I must have it daily.

Mac said...

"Dumbo believed he could fly because he was holding a single feather..." That had to be my favorite part :)

Angel Shrout said...

I believe my coffee has saved many a life early in the morning.. no wait I KNOW it has

Amy ~ Eatlivelaughshop said...

Thank goodness! I really cannot imagine a day without it!

Latte Junkie said...

I believe that coffee saved me from being crippled with PPD.
I believe that coffee makes me smile even on the shittiest day.
I believe that I can forgive a bad coffee quicker than a bad friend.

The Pepperrific Life said...

It's a consolation to know that what fuels the soul comes in a warm cup. I love coffee too, but I make sure I don't overdo it.

coffeedog said...

i believe anything in moderation is fine.
i believe i'll have another cup.

Missy | Literal Mom said...

I gave up caffeine last November! Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't. But I love your love of coffee - cute and sweet!

Jessica said...

I feel the same way about vodka. ;)

Jennifer Hall said...

I love coffee and coffee loves me. It's our own special thing.

Marisa @ Where's the party? said...

Totally thought of you when I read that article... :) I, too, shall live long, but when I do go I'm sure Starbucks will probably sponsor my headstone: Um, she drank A LOT of our coffee.