Monday, April 30, 2012

Zippity Do Dah!

Today is the last day of the A to Z Challenge - to that I say Zippity Do Dah!!

I am glad to say I made it through even though there were days I wanted to quit, I didn't.  

Even though there were days that I got my post in right under the wire, I never gave up

Even though I thought this last day was never going to come up until this last week, in all reality the month really went by like a flash.  Didn't it?

I learned a lot about my own discipline.  Being a blogger that has never been a "daily" blogger, this challenge helped me to see that it can be done...I can do it!  I enjoyed talking about my European travels so much that I easily came up with future blog posts as I was doing the challenge.  Enough future posts are in the works that I am thinking about making Tuesdays Travel Tuesday and making a series out of it.  From the comments I got from regular readers, it looks like this would be something we will all enjoy together.

I also chose to title this post Zippity Doo Dah because I am in the middle of planning a trip for my family to Disney World - we are all very excited and I plan to share all the trials and tribulations (and all the fun - don't forget the fun!) that go along with this momentous family vacation.  We are going the end of June so you can expect to see a bit of the Disney magic working it's way into the Travel Tuesday posts and then some.

You will no longer see daily posts from me (I know you are crying inside, or letting out a sigh of relief..either way, I'm happy).  I will be going back to the regularly scheduled program around here of sporadic family posts and the snark you have come to love.  I do plan to post on Tuesdays (Travel Tuesday), Thursdays (Throat Punch Thursday) and Fridays (Coffee Chronicles) on a regular basis so you know when you can find me.  If there is something you would like to see more or less of around here, (I know I tend to get out of hand with the pictures sometimes..) let me know and I will see what I can do to oblige. I love hearing from you whether it's here, on Twitter or (the dreaded) Facebook - you all have been my support system and I appreciate that more than I could ever tell you in a post.  

Let me know what you think about the Travel Tuesday series..and join me tomorrow for the first post that I'm linking with @JenAnnHall and @MotherhoodTruth for their "Did You Know" linky about a little something I bet you didn't know about Ireland...


Jennifer Hall said...

You did a fantastic job on the A to Z Challenge! I think Travel Tuesdays sounds great.

Sarcasm Goddess said...

Yay!!! Congrats! You made it through! What a crazy month. It did go by fast, though. This challenge taught me a lot about discipline even though life got out of control and I didn't get to finish.

Dana said...

Disney trip planning hep is still available from your friendly neighborhood Dragyn. ;-)