Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sachsenhausen, Germany

Earlier in the A to Z Challenge I showed you the beautiful Frankfurt Square with its old world charm and eye catching architecture. This is on our way out of the square towards the Main Bridge that led us to our next enchanting destination.  

Frankfurt has many vast scenes and landscapes from one side of it to the other as you can see in their skyscraping skyline.  After seeing the old part of Frankfurt, I never would have guessed they had a business district quite this high tech..

From the Main Bridge
Once we passed over the bridge, I remember turning left away from the big city and not having to walk very far to find Sachsenhausen which is a city in itself within Frankfurt.  Sachsenhausen is a cobble stoned earthy district known for its numerous art museums and would be an easy place to find an open hostel.  Oh, and a Hard Rock Cafe..

Our friend took us our to eat at a neat little restaurant and we walked out to this little number..we didn't get close enough to see what they were really doing inside this groovy van but it would have been interesting to find out I'm sure.  I'm always leery of risking getting arrested in a foreign country, you know?

As cool as the Hard Rock and the hippie German van may have been, I think we were introduced to something even better that I will never forget, another reason this part was the highlight of our trip.  This is a 13th Century castle turned restaurant and wine bar that I couldn't believe we were about to hang out in to party for awhile.  There were outdoor private patio areas that either held a few tables or just a single booth, plus a whole indoor area where we chatted for a few hours drinking German beer.

This was one of those places where I felt like my mouth was hanging open for a minute.

Sachsenhausen is quite a lively place with the shops during the daylight hours; turning into an even more lively place once the sun goes down as evidenced by the volume of people.  It was like once the sun went down, people started coming out of the word work to have a good time.  That's what they did too..check out this bachelor party that was walking around.  The guy with the ukulele and the colorful poncho looked to be the groom to be with the stump connected to his ankle like a ball and chain.  He came up and sang something to me in German which was probably supposed to make my blush but I didn't understand a word so it worked out and only one of us was embarrassed.

Our lovely guide

If you have a chance to get to Frankfurt am Main, please make sure you get to the other side of the river to this laid back festive little town.  Trust me it's worth the walk even if you get lost on the way there, the people are friendly enough to be happy to give you directions.

Did you know about Frankfurt's high rise skyline?  Have you been there yourself?

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Conni said...

Beautiful!!!! Oh how I miss Germany!

Susi said...

My little sister lives in Frankfurt now. And she's never send me any pics. Thanks for sharing.

John Hinckley said...

I was here almost exactly one year after you. But before that I was here several times in 89-92 while I serving in the Army. Love this place with all my heart.