Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quitting Smoking

I quit smoking on June 11, 2010.
I smoked a pack a day for more than 20 years.
If you are a smoker and thinking about quitting, my one and only secret weapon has been the E-cigarette, otherwise known as "vapeing". I've been using ecigs since I quit and I've really never looked back.

By now you must have at least caught wind of this alternative to smoking along with all the cons about it.  Here's what I can tell you from my experience:

  • The company I use is called Vapor4Life. (It's local to Chicago)
  • E-cigs are used with water vapor, flavoring and nicotine (three  ingredients you can pronounce without difficulty) which is why it's not harmful to the environment or other people.
  • I spend less than half of what I spent on cigarettes a month.
  • I had no side effects when I switched.
  • There is nicotine in the liquid used to fill the filter and it can be adjusted in lower doses until there is no nicotine.  (This is why there are no side effects.)

Basically the E-cigarette itself consists of a battery which looks like the white part of a cigarette, and the filter - what they call a cartomizer - which can be taken off so the battery can be recharged on a charger which can either be plugged into the wall or a USB charger attached to your computer.  The cartomizers come in different flavors including regular smoke flavors, full flavor, lights, menthol etc., but also in other flavors such as mint, chocolate, caramel, cappuccino, and various fruit flavors.

There are many variations on the market and companies coming out of the wordwork presenting the same product.  You want to make sure whatever company you choose will guarantee the quality of their products.  Here is a chart that can give you an idea about a few of the companies out there and help you narrow your choices..

Chart provided by the Vapor4Life website.

My Electronic Cigarette Review:
I was introduced to Vapor4Life by my brother-in-law who was using ecigs and being that he was successful, he urged me to try it and let me use one of his batteries while he was visiting for the weekend.  I did not smoke a regular cigarette the whole visit.  Before he left, he helped me put an order in for a kit.  You guys, those few days it took for the products to ship were the only days in my smoking career that I can honestly say I DIDN'T LIKE smoking.  For someone who always enjoyed smoking, I didn't like  the taste of a regular cigarette after smoking the E-Cig. 

I started on the highest strength nicotine and have since worked my way down to about half strength. I enjoy using this product with the peace of mind that I'm not harming myself with the thousands of chemicals that are in a regular cigarette. My clothes don't smell,  I feel better about what I'm putting in my body and my kids don't miss me because I'm out having a smoke. There are days that I don't even pick it up - those days are occasional because I do enjoy the product but I feel like the urge is not the same.

This product does not work for everyone - my husband also tried it shortly after I first started and once since then with no luck.  It can be used to help quit smoking or just in place of it which is what I'm doing.  I think the bottom line to quitting smoking is that you really want to stop smoking more than you want to smoke.  If you think you might be in that place and need some help, I would recommend this alternative.  It might work for you like it has for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments - or you can email me.  Have you tried quitting?  What stop smoking aid have you used?


Jesterqueen said...

My Mom has been a half to full pack a day smoker since she was in her teens. She's 62. She picked these things up last fall, and they work for her. She's raising my niece, and I've been going crazy with HOPE that maybe these will be for real and she'll quit, and it will be over.

And if it does? I'm getting my pack a day Dad one for Christmas. Oh yeah. I'd like to have my parents around another few years, you know? And lung cancer's a real biotch.

Kimberly said...

I started using them on June 24, 2011 and haven't touched a cigarette since. I think I used it just a few days before the thought of the taste of a cigarette grossed me out. I had been a pack a day smoker for 20 years. I recently ran into some very tough things going on in my life, and tug out my e-cig for the first time in many months. I'm so grateful I had it so I didn't start smoking again.

A few months ago my mother complained about herself and my father not being able to quit,.so I told her about the website, and how easy it was for me. She and my father are now smoke-free, as well as my brother, all from the e-cigarette!

angelshrout said...

About 2 years ago I attempted to quit smoking cold turkey. I made it nearly 36 hours before my whole face went numb. I mean my whole face. I had been twitching and moody and spent a great deal of time in my bathroom floor sobbing like a crazy person over the littlest things. I finally relented and took a couple draws from a cigarette and feeling came back. Since then I haven't tried but I want to so badly.

Lady Estrogen said...

Very interesting, for sure!
I managed to quit pretty much cold turkey - and I replaced it with a lot of "cold turkey" and most other foods.
But for the most part, it was OK. I've had a couple over the years when I'm on vacation.
I did LOVE it, and I still do - but it just cannot be a part of my lifestyle anymore :(

Stasha said...

My husband has been trying to quit for years. He is a pack-a-day plus smoker.

He has set a quit date for next month with the help of Chantix.

He has been on it before and it hasn't worked but then he wasn't as determined as he is now to quit.

All I can do is support him and hope he can stick with it!

Audrey Schroder said...

What a great experience you had! I'm glad that Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes have helped improve your quality of life. Thanks for writing your honest opinions of the product.

Laura Fenimore said...

This sounds great. Thanks for the tip! I was skeptical about these, but I 've heard Vapor4Life is an excellent company. I'll try it.

Danielle Garringer said...

I have a quit date in my head. I am going to work up a plan and this may be what I need. My husband isnt ready to quit and I know that if he is smoking I won't be able to stop. I tried one of these when I was on my trip and I was shocked at how much it felt like I was smoking. I am tired of the side effects to smoking, (feeling tired all the time, not being able to jog...blah blah) I really think this will be a great option and probably the best one. Thank you for all this info and I am sure I will be bugging you via twitter when my quit date gets closer!

Amy said...

So I'm wondering how it's working out..

Amy said...

Angel I'm telling you there was no side effects - you are still getting nicotine with these - maybe this will work for you.

Amy said...

Did the chantix work for him? My husband got awful nightmares from that, he's talking about trying again

Amy said...

Isn't your day coming up??

Lady Estrogen said...

Very cool. I've heard about them but never knew too much. I quit in 2007 and I still miss it every single day.

Sorry kid, your mom doesn't play well with others said...

I have one, a different brand and used it to quit fully many times. I babysit and use it almost everyday but I have a hard time kicking it totally, which I guess 2 or 3 a day is better than a pack but I still hate that I go back. My big thing is mine is heavy. Is this one heavy, weight wise? And tasted kind of like mint gum. Does this one have a mint aftertaste? I used chantix 3 times and had a horrible peeling rash, dr didn't believe it was from chantix until the third time lol

Amy said...

They are still working for me after two and a half years...I don't miss it when I smell my husband who still smokes

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