Friday, April 13, 2012

Luxembourg City Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country situated between France and Germany. What an amazing place this was!  I'm not even gonna say much, just let the pictures tell a story of sorts.  I'm kind of short on words today.

I was tempted to make this guy laugh or something but I realized we were not in the right country to do that.  This was a bit uncomfortable.

Just at the end of the square here, you can find the comforts of home.  
You know we sat and had a drink here!

Who knew that in between France and Germany you would find a Mexican restaurant?


jacqui said...

Wow. It looks like such a gorgeous place! Now I have to go look at the photos on your last post.

Tui Snider said...

Lovely & amusing photo essay. My step-daughter lives there now. I can hardly wait to go visit. :)