Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My kids are forever jinxing each other every day, you know when they both say the exact same thing at the exact same time:
"JINX - you owe me a coke!"
"JINX - you owe me a sprite!"
I swear if I had a nickel for every time they jinxed each other I would have 15 cents a pop. 

Now that they are 7 and 10, they are learning things. Some not so appropriate like:
Stick your finger in the hole, now you have a tootsie-roll!

They also enjoy holding their tongues and saying things like:
I was born on a pirate ship with a bunch of apples.
My teacher is an apple.

I'm waiting for the diarrhea song to come home before the year is over. Funny thing is, they think they are coming home to teach us old dogs something new.  Little do they know all this stuff is just coming back around and has existed since people walked 3 miles with no shoes uphill both ways just to get to school.

I'm always amazed when things come back around like the 80s seem to be in the clothes these days.  My daughter informed me the other day that she wants one of those shirts that goes down off your shoulder.  Yeah I don't think I was ever ready for the valley girl look to come back like, ever.  Totally - Gag me with a spoon already!

My son is just now getting into the original Star Wars movies because he's seen the new ones and get this - he's seen the series in the right order so it's hard to explain to him how the movies were made in the 70s and then continued in another trilogy twenty years later that was set in the past.  I still can't wrap my mind around it.

What are some things your kids are doing now that you remember doing as a kid?

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I had to take a break from Europe today for the A to Z Challenge but don't worry - there will be walking tours the rest of the week!


Mary H said...

We talk all the time about the what was old is now new. I wish I had a bunch of stuff I threw away years ago.

Jennifer Hall said...

My kids constantly do the jinxing thing too. Neither ever gets a soda for it either. I was recently surprised to learn that hair feathers are back in style.