Friday, April 6, 2012

Frankfurt, Germany - The Square

While most of our walking tours in Europe were paid for by the particular vessel we were cruising with being part of the planned itinerary, this tour of Frankfurt Germany came unexpectedly at the end of our trip after the actual cruise the night before we were to fly home.  We originally met this awesome bar tender who spoke English on our first night in Germany before the cruise when we ventured out a couple blocks away from our hotel to a quaint restaurant where she made us feel completely welcome and made sure we had pictures of ourselves at the places we went. 

She offered to take us around town when the cruise was over and we were back in Frankfurt.  This is one of those extra added unscheduled perks that I always feel like we were in the right place at the right time for.  We got back to our hotel being dropped off by the tour bus from the cruise in late afternoon and went back to the restaurant to meet her after her shift was over.  She took us through the Frankfurt Square and she really was a fountain of information while we walked through.  We were really lucky to find this girl who I'm still searching for five years later, she really was a highlight of this trip.  It's amazing the connections you can make with people you've never met know?

Frankfurt as a city is a great metropolis with a population of 5.6 million and while it offers what they consider new Frankfurt which consists of skyscrapers, new buildings and booming businesses that rival any big city in the world, I preferred stepping back in time to the old Frankfurt...

Quite a few of the cities we visited on our trips had a square similar to this but with the half timbered buildings that looked like something out of a movie set for almost the entire parameter of the square, it was surreal stepping out of the street we walked down to get there into this charming vintage setting.  As we meandered around the square, making our way to the other side where we would walk down another street to the other side of the Main river she pointed out this great little bar that Mozart frequented when he lived there.  The history of some of these places is really quite astounding.

Once we walked past the bar, she led us over the Main River on the pedestrian bridge to another bonus corner of the city that we would never have seen otherwise called Sachsenhausen which is completely different and offbeat compared to the seriousness of the square.  We ended up staying out most of our last night with her and her friends which was great.  We really got a taste of what the locals are doing without it even being in the plans. I will be featuring that later in the month, stay tuned!

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If you are here today looking for the usual Coffee Chronicles, it's been moved this month over to my partner in crime The Robot Mommy's place this month so I can do the A to Z Challenge on Europe.  Next month in May, we should be back to the regularly scheduled program here on Fridays - until then, please check out T.R.M. for all your coffee fixes this month.


Janna Hull said...

Happy accidents are always the best part of a trip! Your pictures are making me homesick. I love checking in.

JR Reed said...

Not to sound like a guy, but do you have any pics of the chicks with massive cleavage and big mugs of beer? I've never been to Germany but it seems like a good reason to go. That and the bratwurst

CoffeeLovinMom said...

We never saw one of those chicks - guess we were in the wrong spot!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Definitely - she was a highlight for sure! I'm glad I could give you a little taste of home Janna!

Jennifer Hall said...

Lovin' your photos, Amy. Especially that window one.

Pa Ul said...

interesting place it is

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