Friday, March 30, 2012

Your Caffeine Level & Coffee Tipping Tips

I have a CLM Coffee Chronicles Confession to make here today because I was a barista at another coffee company at the mall in the early 90s apparently before the days of tipping - I know I certainly don't remember..anyway (it was a long long time ago, I'm beating around the bush) confession is that I don't normally tip when I get coffee. When I was a walk in working downtown, I found a good barista, my guy who knew what extra caramel meant to me - then I tipped but now being a drive-thru drinker - not so much.  Sorry to disappoint with my coffee unetiquette, (hope I don't offend..) I never claimed to be PC; I'm usually a day late and a dollar short, always with the short.

LOOK - A button has been born!

Today the robot mommy shares tips and tricks on how tipping at your local coffee house really works:

So many of you have asked about tipping at your local coffee house. Well, let me give you some facts about tipping where I work and hopefully, how you feel about whether to tip or not and how much will be a little clearer. 

Ever have a barista at your regular shop be your all-time favorite? Now, ever have one be worthy of turning around and leaving when you see them at the bar making drinks? I've been both to many of my customers. You love me or hate me. 

I've "received" tips from people wanting to reward my service and only my service as a barista. Today, I burst the bubble that is individual tipping. It doesn't happen. Ever. 

Places like mine pool tips Mon-Sun for all baristas ( not managers, just to be clear). Then on a select day, they are divided amongst everyone based on hours worked. Not performance. Not by customer satisfaction. 

By hours worked. 

In a good store, or great one like mine, the average is decent. But my team always wishes its better. They strive for awesome customer service because they know it helps tips. When I work, I try to be at my best for the sake of my employees. ( Well, that and for my store to receive high marks from our customer surveys) 

So, by all means, tip according to service but know by not tipping, everyone is affected. If the service is really that awful, try another store.

Oh, and as for the amount... I can't tell you what to tip according to what you buy. You should tip based on service and quality of drink. As I've mentioned before tip AFTER you've received and drank some of your drink. If its up to your standards, tip then. ( Yes, cut into the line and put in a tip, no one cares) Believe me, we notice the gesture. 

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Who knew how it worked? Show of hands...



I certainly didn't! 

Please check out this nifty caffeine level checker which I am thinking about putting in my sidebar if only to keep myself in check. It will tell you where you are from a slight buzz to boinging off the walls.  Once you check your level, please share it in the comments.  The person with the highest level may receive a prize, or a button, or just props you never know around here.

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

One last CC announcement - the robot mommy will be hosting our Friday shenanigans at her place for the month of April!  We will be sure and remind you next week so you won't miss out!  Just a change of scenery, not of snark - see you next week!


Mayor Gia said... much do people tip in general though? I really have no sense of what's appropriate for a coffee drink. What would you give really great service? What about mediocre?

Mayor Gia said...

162 times - my level is "extremely high"

AlexJCavanaugh said...

Have fun with the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to your posts.

Heather Spiva said...

Omg I love your blog! Greetings to a fellow a to z blogger.

Katherine said...

As an honestly self-proclaimed caffeine addict, I can sadly say that I can drink a coffee or soda and go straight to bed without missing a wink of sleep. I know, I know, it's a problem, but oh well.

Also, as a former barista myself at an independent coffee shop, I can say that tips are always appreciated---Even if it's less than a dollar. Every little bit helps!

As for the caffeine click test? I clicked 180 times in 30 sec, earning myself "Insanely High - A vibrating crackhead". I should also add that I was having a conversation with a co-worker while that's even worse. ;-)

Krista said...

Good advice. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I frequent the drive through...a I forget about the "tippage" factor. Oh, I'll throw my change into the tip jar but it doesn't amount to much at all. It's my new goal. Hey, maybe we should start a "Love Your Barista" campaign? But people might take that the wrong way :).