Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tranquility Redefined

Every once in a great while, usually on a Saturday when we have nothing going on - which doesn't happen very often, I get to have what I like to think of as my hour of tranquility. This "hour" starts with a bubble bath and can last upwards of 2 hours if I get really lucky.  I know, I'm spoiled..don't be too jealous.  This is what it looked like this week:

Well, maybe not quite like this...

About 20 minutes into it, about the time all the bubbles were in great form, (perfect timing) my mini-me comes in.
"How's it going mom?"
"Just great," I reply with a sigh but let her stay - who can resist the bubbles?  
So we play with bubbles. Blowing them at each other and putting them on our hair or making beards..

Within minutes, dad comes to the rescue and shews her out.  
Only for her to sneakily return less than 10 minutes later because she knows what kind of fun I'm really having in there and she just can't resist.
"I snuck right past dad and he didn't even notice!"

Soon I tell her we've had enough time together (that, and the bubbles are starting to go away) so she reluctantly leaves again.  Pretty soon, in comes the husband, who is folding laundry and absolutely must put towels away under the sink in the bathroom.

"How's it going in here?  You still alive?  Just gotta put some towels away and I will be out of your hair."
Famous last words...

In between the dog coming to check in on me by sniffing at the door, (I know he would have asked me how it was going if he could talk..) I did get some me time. I think I even got a little bit of a nap in there. Close to the end, my son comes and knocks on the door:

"Hey mom, how's it going?  Can I have a snack?"
"Tell me what time it is on my clock in there."
"It's 5:25."

Where did the time go?
Considering I went upstairs at 2:30, I guess my time is up.  Sure didn't feel like hours went by...

the robot mommy


Nancy Wahler said...

I always try to tell myself I will miss those interruptions when they are gone but I wonder. I guess you got about 10 min to yourself, which on some days can be a miracle.

Christine Myers said...

Got to your blog from A to Z. Chose it out of the group because of the coffee! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Amber said...

I love children and their timing. I to like to try to remember some day the house will be quiet and I will miss not having someone busting in on me. Kids...

MamaRiceCake said...

That is too funny! It's amazing how quickly alone time goes away when it's repeatedly interupted!
Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday chicko! MWAH!

Dana K said...

HA! How did the water stay warm enough? I have to refill at least once and I don't get half that much time in the tub. I usually have to exaggerate my back & leg aches to justify the "soak" with some old lady epsom salts. That's how I roll.

the robot mommy said...

I was thinking about the water temp myself!! Thanks for linking up today!!

Leanne Misner said...

LOL! What a funny story! I can never get a moment to myself until everyone is bed. Drives me nutty, but I know one day I will miss it! :)

Stasha said...

Afternoon bath! I like it. Send them out to play next time :)