Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rice Rice Baby

I am pleased to introduce you to another great Featured Guest here on CLM.  Sarah and I have been buds for awhile now,  we discovered that we have some music interests in common including They Might Be Giants.  We enjoy our banter back and forth about who's the real  #LaundryQueen - you know, when we actually do the laundry.  We even went on one night (cracking each other up in the process) about how great it would be to patent a Bedazzled Shake Weight because we knew it would be a hit with the older crowd.  I think it may have stemmed from me talking about how my mom actually has a Shake Weight.  Anyhow, Sarah is one of the most sincere people I have met on the interwebs and I had to share her site with you so you can discover her as well. She's a mom of four little people she lovingly refers to as her "Rice Cakes".  Every time I read something from her, I realize we have more in common - I think you will like her too!

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The Fence

1.       How long have you been blogging?
I’ve been blogging on The Fence for about a year. I’ve had other blogs before, but they were mostly to keep people updated when my husband was deployed. I have a big family and it was hard to repeat the same stories over and over again. For me, blogging started off as a quick way to get information to a specific group of people. Now, it’s more of a way to tell funny stories, pass on things that work for me in my house, and share about my family and faith.

2.       What piece of advice can you give to unseasoned bloggers?
Get on Twitter. Twitter is a GREAT place to meet new people, find new blogs, and post links to YOUR BLOG too! Networking is key when it comes to traffic.
3.       When is your favorite time of the day and why?
I love the evening the best. I LOVE hanging out with my kids… they crack me up and are a blast. But, there’s something about having them all tucked into bed at the end of the day… when everything’s all done, cleaned up, and put away… that is just peaceful. And I love that!

4.       Where were you last Tuesday?
Last Tuesday, I was in bed after having my gall bladder out. My recovery started out really easy but, when my 3 days of pain meds wore off… all the anesthesia side effects kicked in. I felt horrible for 48 hours. Now I’m feeling great.

5.       Who or what brings you the most inspiration?
My kids’ enthusiasm for life really inspires me daily. They’re just so stinking funny. Their perspective of the world has lightened me up considerably. I was way more uptight and rigid before The RiceCakes entered my world. Now I’m far more chilled out… and much more likely to laugh over random chaos that be frustrated and cry because things didn’t go the way I planned for them to go. But mostly, my kids are just so stinkin’ FUNNY!

6.       What is your favorite movie?
My all-time favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I love old movies but, Frank Capra’s perspective on life is the best. I love the idea of looking backwards over your life and seeing what would’ve been different without you… what others would miss out on because you weren’t there. I think it strikes an especially strong chord with me because suicide is a part of my story. My aunt committed suicide just before my freshman year of high school. That loss rocked my family’s world in an extremely negative way. It sent me into a tailspin and I attempted suicide myself 4 years later. When I look back, I see all that I would have missed if I’d succeeded. I wouldn’t have married my husband or had my kids. My 18 year old self was clueless.  I was just getting to the good stuff. I would’ve missed it all if that dumb girl was any better at planning. Besides the inscription in the book that Clarence gives to George at the end of the movie ( “No man is a failure who has friends.”) pretty much nails it. Ultimately, what matters in our lives isn’t how successful we are in business or how much money we make or what kind of house we live in. What really matters are the relationships we have. Our connections to others are the most valuable thing we have.

7.       Why should people read your blog?
I’m hoping to connect with my readers about real life stuff. My blog is a space where funny stories, faith, and family life all collide. I tell stories about what’s going on in my own family currently and stuff that’s happened in the past. I try to draw lines between my life and my faith and talk about things I’m learning and some lessons that are hard for me. I definitely don’t have all the answers but, I’d rather be an authentic person than one who tries to look perfect.  On Sundays, I host a blog hop called Sunday Funday. The linky is a great way to make new connections and gain some new readers.

8.       What blog post of yours is your favorite?
Love in the Time of Nausea 
It’s my take on how real love involves vomit.

9.       Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
That’s got to be a toss up between two random road trip stops as a kid. We made the drive from our house in California to my grandparents’ house in Arkansas a bazillion times. One time, my brother had to go to the bathroom and my Mom pulled over at the very next exit. My Dad took my brother in… and they didn’t realize until they were leaving that they had stopped at a brothel! Miss Kitty’s… worst bathroom stop with your kids EVER!

Another time, when we were driving BACK to California thru Kansas, we absolutely HAD to stop to get out and stretch our legs. But the stretch of road we were on had nowhere to stop for ages and ages. We finally found a place to get out and walk around. It was called Prairie Dog Town. It was this random petting zoo whose animals included a 6 legged cow, a 2 headed rattlesnake (obviously NOT for petting!), and a 5 legged angora goat. I don’t know what the heck was in the water there… but they had some seriously freakish looking animals! We were so road-weary that we were slap-happy. We laughed our butts off feeding “zoo puffs” to all the critters. I’ve never seen another place like it. BUT, I’ve run into a bunch of people who’ve travelled that same stretch of highway. They ALL know about Prairie Dog Town!

10.   This or that:        Gloves or Mittens?
Gloves. I hate the idea of all of my fingers being stuck together.
                                Air Guitar or Lip Sync?
                Lip Sync. I’m ridiculously good at it. I coulda had a career like Britney Spears… but I’m not blonde. Ha ha!
                                 Cape or Mask?
Cape definitely. Capes are way more dramatic than masks. They also are easier to incorporate into napping! Plus, in college, I was in a play where I had to wear a mask the whole time… it was horrible. Hot. Itchy. Hard to see thru. AWFUL! Capes are built for comfort yo!

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You can find Sarah doing her #SundayFunday linky most Sundays or on Twitter: @MamaRiceCake

Stalk her up and tell her just how cool she is!


MamaRiceCake said...

Thanks for having me over "ole Building & Loan buddy, ole pal!" I'm off to go blare some TMBG and tackle my #LaundryQueen duties!

the robot mommy said...

I love me some Rice Cake.

Kimberly said...

So nice to see Sara here! I have the same view on the gloves/mittens thing. I hate my fingers being confined.

MamaRiceCake said...

Thanks Kimberly! Confined fingers are AWFUL! Mittens make me feel claustrophobic!!!

Sarah said...

And I love me some Robot! MWAH!