Saturday, March 17, 2012

Official Leprechaun Status

Today I turn the big 4 - 0.  Yep, I'm a St. Patrick's Day baby, an official leprechaun if you will.  I used to have a button that made it official.  Today I can no longer live in the denial of being 29 forever like I have for the past 10 years.  I don't announce this for the sake of everyone wishing me a happy birthday but to reflect on the last decade because I feel like I've come a long way in the last decade or so.  

I started my 30s being a new mom to a 2 month old baby boy who totally changed my world. I started to work at home in my own business. Soon after, we were able to move next door into our own house to get out of renting and bought a new car. (Really, we rented a house and bought the house next door..big move.) I've been told that with a new house comes a new child. 
We started a family.

A foundation.  

Then my daughter came along and made a big brother. I lucked into a job that led me around the world on fabulous European trips to Germany, Luxembourg, France, Ireland and France again.  I worked on the sale of my own house through e-mail from a hotel in Dublin - and got the asking price, I was the agent! My identity was also stolen while in Ireland, someone used my debit card to the tune of $720 while that was our only means of cash.  I still thank my lucky stars I was able to catch that when I did. The things we do from out of town..

My son graduated from Kindergarten. We moved from Illinois to Indiana only to be able to call ourselves hoosiers and save on property taxes. I started a blog. My daughter graduated from pre-school. I cruised the canals of Southern Burgundy France, saw the Eiffel Tower and the town of Dijon where my husband kept wanting to ask if anyone had any Grey Poupon.  

Through all of this, life keeps moving in fast forward.

Maybe this would have been easier to understand on an infographic but I trust you get the picture.

My kids are now 10 and 7 - I can't believe how fast ten years comes and goes in such a flash.  My son still humors me about the whole 29 thing when he really knows how old I was when he was born.  My husband still has to do the math.

We are celebrating today by going to Chicago to see the river dyed green and the St. Patrick's Day parade.  I love that everyone celebrates my birthday along with me and green beer!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Do you have St. Patrick's Day traditions?
Are you an official leprechaun?


jacqui said...

Happy Birthday!! It's really nice of the city of Chicago to dye the river green and throw a parade for you! It sounds like you'll have a great time!

Mayor Gia said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the celebration is awesome! Nope, no traditions for me. I'm a lame italian

Christopher Govina said...

A Very Happy Birthday to You. At least you only have to share your day with all the Irish. I have to share mine with the whole stinkin planet (Apr 22-Earth Day). Of course, since I predate the day, does that make me "older than dirt"?

Brittany Stewart said...

A very Happy Birthday! :)

Amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm "green" with envy. ;)

Jennifer Hall said...

Yay! You're older than me! Oh, sorry. XX