Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Multitask or Not to Multitask - there is no question

Now you might already know my Featured Guest this week and friend Leighann because of her laugh provoking blog Multitask Mumma or you may have seen her on World Mom's Blog. Whether she's spreading awareness for Mental Health and PPD, blogging about her family and upcoming nuptuals, or entertaining you with her Fashion Sense, she is a genuinely honest soul who will plain out tell you she likes coffee, flowers and cars as gifts sent to her anonymously. Please make her feel welcome and stalk all her can thank me later.  She will even do a Vlog when she's sick you guys, she's seriously that committed to our entertainment, er hiding out in the bedroom pretending she's asleep!

1.    How long have you been blogging?
My one year blogaversary was January 4! You can deposit all congratulatory money into my paypal account and I will buy the flowers and gift cards that you all would have bought me if you knew where I lived.

2.    What piece of advice can you give to unseasoned bloggers?
Blogging can sweep you off your feet, take you all over the world, and allow you to meet new friends and brands you wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise. But it can also turn into a numbers game that can burn a blogger out.
Avoid the numbers game, the competition, and the comparisons. A blog should be for you first, then your intended audience. Never lose sight of why you started writing. Quality of Quantity.  Your readers will always know.

3.    When is your favorite time of the day and why?
I love when I walk through the door after work. Some days the house is quiet and it’s just me, the cat, and silence. I can do bits of house work, begin dinner, and read the flyers without distraction. I can go to the bathroom without a toddler asking to see the pee pee. I can fold and put away laundry without an assistant pulling my piles apart.
Other days I come home to the squeals of my daughter waiting at the top of the stairs; her outstretched arms welcoming me, begging me to “come see.“

4.    Where were you last Tuesday?
I was at work, but not because I wanted to be. It was the first day back after the Christmas holidays and I was tired. My head hurt from a chocolate hang over and I almost put bailey’s in my travel mug thinking it was creamer. Imagine explaining THAT mistake to a police officer!

5.    Who or what brings you the most inspiration?
The likely answer here would be my daughter, and if I didn’t say her then it would be Brian but I’m not going to say them. They do inspire me, however, most of my inspiration comes from the firey determination I have within myself. My father gave me this and I am forever grateful. He taught me from the very beginning to believe in myself, to fight for what I knew was right, and to never give up. That is what fuels me. That is what inspires me.

6.    What is your favorite movie?
Hmm, this one’s a toss up. I have a hard time picking favourites because there’s so many genres.
Like what do I do if I’m having a flamboyant day and I’m flipping through the channels only to find that both Grease AND Steel Magnolius is on? Two of my favourites. BUT I’m having a tap dancing, jazz hands kind of day!
I’ll go with Grease.
Should it have been a laze around, sitting with girlfriends, need a cry kind of day then I would have chosen Steel Magnolius.
Or meds.

7.    Why should people read your blog?
Are there people not reading my blog?

8.    What blog post of yours is your favorite?
(which means she gave me no link and no choice but to show you her awesome dance moves)

9.    Where is the most interesting place youve been?
In love.

10.  This or that:        

Gloves or Mittens? Mittens! Are you kidding? Gloves separate the fingers, leaving them lonely and dependent on generating their own body heat.. Together they unite and become toasty! Who is wearing gloves? Tell me now!
 Air Guitar or Lip Sync? Always air guitar, always swinging my arm around in a circle, and always singing loudly.
Cape or Mask? Mask for sure! Capes don’t look good on me, and I wouldn’t be able to find one that matched anything I own.
Heads or Tails? Tails. I already have a head.
Pie in the Face or Slip on a Banana peel? Pie in the face for SURE! I love pie! I can’t eat a banana peel.

Best answer to number 9 yet!  Thanks Leighann for taking the time to come by! Anytime you want to come again or meet for coffee, you let me know!

You can also find her on Twitter @MultitaskMumma

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Lisapatb said...

Congratulations on making it one year! Love that you write for you first and do not play the numbers game. Great way not to burn out.

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

I love your last banana peel or pie in face answer, Leighann!

Leighann said...

Thank you so much for having me here Amy!! You're a great host and have given me more coffee than I could dream of.
Loved answering your questions!!

Jenn Fox said...

Grease is the word baby! Best cheesy movie musical ever.

Can I say that now I am totally craving Baileys in my coffee?! So yummy. Love ya Leighann. :)

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I love having you! Let's not watch Steele Magnolias though, I wouldn't want you to see me sob like a baby...

31Amber_:) said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! You are so awesome awesome awesome in my book. I'm with you one Grease. I listen to the sound track all the time also. Love it. :)

Barbara said...

Great interview. I have to stop by and read Leighann's blog! I love the answer to #9 (no pun intended) ;)

Mayor Gia said...

Hahaha grease is a great movie! in all its cheesy glory

mark said...

I'm sure everybody reads your blog. They're just shy about coming forward.
But you can rest easy tonight know that everyone is watching. Your blog! Not you sleeping! That would just be weird. Unless you're into that. Freak!

Lady Estrogen said...

That scene with Sally Field at the funeral from Steel Magnolias is one of the best, ever.

Yeah, who wants a banana peel, I mean, really...

Kimberly said...

Grease is one of my favorite movies ever!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

please do, she is great fun!

Kindred Adventures said...

I completely totally utterly absolutely adore Leighann. Oooo that sounds stalkerish... well I've been known to do that too. I loved getting to know more about Leighann. I thought her advice to bloggers was honest and right on. I am finally learning that quality is the important thing and becoming ok with the fact that blogging is a hobby and a way for me to connect with people and that is ok. LOVE LOVE LOVE the this or that segment. So happy I followed Leighann over here for a visit. She just as wonderful here ( even of she steals coffee) - LV

Galit Breen said...

I absolutely love seeing you two ladies together here today!

#9 is genius, and that blogging advice is pure gold!

Leigh Ann said...

Aw, my friend! I would have made you watch Steel Magnolias. And you would have thanked me for it. And me. I wear gloves. When it's not February and 80 degrees. My fingers need free range of motion.

What are these flyers you speak of?

Kimberly said...

Air guitar and grease...
I knew I loved you.
jazz hands

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I love that you followed her here Laverne! I can't tell you how excited I am to meet you and Shirley this weekend - you are still going right?

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Grease is the word - happy to see the greasers come out of the woodwork

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I love it too :)

CoffeeLovinMom said...

It was a great collaboration - I gotta have her back soon!

Sweaty said...

People should read your blog because I say so ;)

And because you're one of my fave persons in this whole planet.


MamaRiceCake said...

Leighann is so stinkin' funny! I just love that girl!
Even though I think she's slightly crazy for choosing mitten over gloves (how can I flip a bird in MITTENS?!)... she picked Grease as her favorite movie... so it balanced out.
I really think we need a vlog of Leighann DOING jazz hands. That would be rad! Leighann... PLEASE!!!! :)