Friday, February 24, 2012

It's My Party and I'll Leave if I Want to..

Hello and #ThankCoffeeitsFriday!

I haven't posted all week because 2 years ago this week, I didn't exist in this space.  It was empty. Kind of how my brain feels these days...

I know it feels like I've been around bugging you for much longer than that but it's true you can check my Second Post (which was also the day of my first post and half the length, you're welcome).  It's been a great two years - I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys! I really have you to thank for all your lovely comments and snarky banter.  Please keep it coming! As long as you keep coming back, so will I! Come and help me celebrate today with your cuppa joe over at Just Jennifer's blog as Coffee Chronicles will be there on location today sharing a great coffee recipe you'll love - it goes great with chocolate cake...but really, what doesn't?

Come party with us!!


Mayor Gia said...

Two years! Very impressive!

cubs2win said...

Happy Blogiversary! You've done a lot in two years!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Thanks Judy - I feel like I've done more in the last 6 months than the rest of the time..making up for lost time or just found the right people..

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Thanks - seems like I might be further along in my blogging if only I would apply myself..oddly, this is also the complaint I get from my son's teacher - I can't imagine where he got it from..
Thanks for coming to see me MG - your support means more than you know!