Friday, November 11, 2011

French Press Tutorial - Four Easy Steps

Thanks for joining us again for another sahweet edition of Coffee Chronicles where we Thank Coffee it's Friday each week sharing with you our readers the inside snark and unpredictably entertaining coffee information most of the time..

This week we present a special video French Press Tutorial we think you will enjoy and learn from courtesy of a lovely seven year old who thinks she is iCarly.  Showing you just how a French Press coffee maker is to use in four easy steps :  

(French Press Instructions: So easy a seven year old can do it)

The Great Coffee Tip she was trying to tell us about was that if you fill the carafe - or your own coffee mug - with hot water prior to pouring the coffee in, the heat will keep your cuppa joe warmer for longer.

Always boil your water rather than putting it in the microwave to heat it, please for your own safety and future well being.  Just a thing..

Use the most coarse grind on your beans when using a press unless you enjoy grounds in the last cup. Auto-drip grind may leave you crunchy in the end with a bad taste in your mouth - you don't want that now do you?  
Respect the cup!

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Judy Newman said...

Hi! Love the video. Your daughter is adorable! I always have trouble with the correct amount of coffee! I just haven't his the right amount! I will trudge on...

Danielle (or Dee) said...

I am thinking I need to invest in a French Press now. I also think this could solve my "what if the power goes out" issue. I can boil water and this would be WAY better than instant coffee....hmmm...just have to figure out the grind part. Your daughter is adorable, love her video! She was so cute looking for the word "brew" hehe.

Sara said...

I am a self-described coffee nut, but have never owned a french press! Hmm...maybe that should change. And if I can get my kids to make the coffee - well, that's even better!

Mommy's Paradise . said...

I definitely need to teach my little one to prepare a real coffee for me. But he's still a little bit on the young side, he's only 3. I guess I have to wait a couple more years until I get my cup delivered to my bed on a Sunday morning.

Coffeelovinmom said...

The right amount definitely depends on your taste and how strong you like your coffee. For 8 cups in a FP, I use half a cup - which happens to be 3 scoops like we normally use in a 10 cup auto drip, some might use more or less

CoffeeLovinMom said...

That would work if all your stuff wasn't electric! That was why I asked you about whether you had a gas stove. It would totally work if you have a camping stove. The grind part - if you look at the grinder in a coffee shop/store, there is a notch before auto drip which would make it more coarse. If you grind yourself, you may have to eyeball it. There were many takes with the word being pronounced wrong but she had so much fun now she wants to do more!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Put it on your Christmas list when someone asks you! You won't regret it and it will make you more of a nut..who wouldn't want that?

CoffeeLovinMom said...

My 10 year old would do it if he was tall enough to put the water in the auto drip without getting it all over the place...I'm hoping my time is coming soon for coffee in bed..

MamaRiceCake said...

This is awesome. I should pass the link on to some of my family members who use French Press BUT also use auto drip grounds! Somehow, I always end up with the last cup... of course, I AM an "in law" so.... maybe they're just trying to tell me something... ;) ha ha! Seriously, they can't really LIKE that right?

Amberr Meadows said...

I'm showing my 5yr old this tutorial as soon as she gets in from school. It's never too early, right?