Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zombie Tuesday - What Does a Zombie Good?

This post started by your friend and mine The Robot Mommy:

With Halloween vastly approaching, I'm exposed to many a monster. In my tv. In my neighborhood Target ( the monster extreme). In my hubby. In my toddler. In my medical bills.... I would add my power bill to this and my husband in his nicotine craving moments when the daggers are coming from his eyes..

Ooooo. You get to sit on your ass at home and draw disability pay!! Fuck you, I'm in pain and have to pay for people to shove cameras up my tush and stab me with needles. I HATE NEEDLES!!!! 

.... (stepping off soapbox). Sorry. Pain creates pissy robot.

Anywho.....Luckily, I got my robot goggles on and upgraded. I'm impervious to this monster crap. I'm not scared of you and your fear mongering ways.

You, especially you......

I'm talking to you, Zombies. 

I know...I know... BRRAAAAAIIIIINNNS....

But let me clue you in on this tidbit of info. People are stupid. Stupid brains are hollow and not as tasty. 
Here's some pictures to show you the brains that you'll be after: 

This just felt right for some reason..
maybe he just deserves to go first.
We cannot leave The Robot Mommy's doctor out..
his brain is working overtime
to find out wtf is wrong with her
so it's gotta be a goodie...

They have helmets on because they know you are coming...
and they've done it ALL so it's a no-brainer there..
Besides the fact that you will also get the bonus Tiger's Blood,
you just can't go wrong with this
#winning brain that runs 24/7 on pure adrenaline.. 

Snooki: orange - skinned waste of space from a show called Jersey Shore.
Oh wait, I'm talking to zombies.... NO BRAIN. MOVE ON. 

Who could pass up the BIG brain on Brad?

Just judging by the size of his horse teeth alone,
you must know how huge his brain is..

He tests positive for pure coffee in a urine test...
imagine what his brain would be like.
Coffee: it does a Zombie good!

I have also discovered Coffee Goggles work wonders in being impervious to all the monster crap - that, and they make you run faster so put yours on with your big girl panties this morning and help us in the good fight over at Motherhood Truth by linking up with her first #ZombieTuesday!!


Jamie said...

Woah! Great advice! I'll remember this if the zombies get me. :o) ... I wonder how fast and ferocious a zombie would be on tiger blood...

For Love of Cupcakes

MotherhoodTruth said...

Hahaha LOVE IT!!! Thank you for linking up!!! Happy Zombie Tuesday!!! Still can't get the image of a zombie on a caffeine high out of my head!! Haha

Kimberly said...

Haha! Love it! Though some of these images will stay in my head for a while now. ;)

LLTQ2000 said...

Hilarious! I've met Snookie several times. Can verify your list is accurate!!!