Monday, October 10, 2011

Letting Her Use My Voice

I have been trying to create a great gripping post to help my friend Danielle at Motherhood Truth who is desperately trying to find aid for the Anderson family from the UK and she is asking for voices to assist in her fight to just get the word out.  

You can read the family's story HERE (this is their most recent post)

I've wanted to do this since she first mentioned it last week in reading about the family and their struggles with both mom and preemie but I had no words to get started.  Danielle, being the "speechless" one, gave me the opportunity to do just that with her Speechless post from Sunday:

I am Speechless

I think most writer's will tell you that words come naturally. Sure we have writer's block once in awhile, but it passes. Words are our things. We mold them into sentences, paragraphs and even pages to share stories, emotions and let others into our heads.

Today, I have no words. Well... I don't seem to have the right ones. Every time I start to write I draw a blank. It's not a writer's block blank. It's a feeling of no matter what words I use I feel it isn't enough.

When I was shown the Anderson's blog I was sucked in. Not on an "I need to know what happens next" level, but an "oh my God my heart hurts and I love this family."

I went to bed worrying about them. I woke up needing to know they were okay. I decided I would find a way to help them financially. You all were AMAZING in helping me get the word out. I hope you will all still continue to help.

The problem now is that things are not going well for the Anderson's. Baby Isla is fighting one hell of a battle. I cry for them. I don't even know them, yet I worry, and I wait for that update that Isla has made it another night.

I feel like I have typed all these words...but why. Doesn't seem like I have given you the emotion. Doesn't feel like I gave you anything you haven't heard. I feel like my words are gone.

I can't even leave comments on their blog because my heart hurts for them so badly right now and I don't even know what to say...but I have to say something. They need to know their are people out there for them. They need the prayers and the love.

Then I sit here, with a knot in my stomach worried sick about them, and think. I am always asking myself HOW can someone half way around the world that I have never met touched my life so much. Then when I start thinking about writing I start worrying people will think that I am being selfish, or am in some way ridiculous.

I am not any of those things. I know what I feel is NOTHING compared to what they feel. I know that my hurt is FOR them, I hurt because I have talked to them, and I have seen how grateful and loving this family is, and how cruel the world can be at times.

Isla needs prayers. If you would like to help there are MANY ways you can. I first encourage you to read their story. from the beginning. The happy moments of finding out they were pregnant. To "mummy" giving birth and having a stroke. To the day she woke back up and the moment she got to see her daughter for the first time. Read the heartache in Matt's voice as he wonders what is to come next. And to now, where Isla is fighting beyond the fight. Fighting to live her life with her incredible parents!

To help them you can tweet about them. Send out a FB post. Write something small or big on your blog. Use the button and place it on your blog. Leave them a comment, say a prayer. Donate $5, the cost of one coffee. Please just help them in anyway that fits your lifestyle.

Want to Donate Money?

No amount is too small! Every dollar will GREATLY be appreciated!

*Go to Paypal
*Click "Send Money"
*Enter the amount you wish to send and check "Friends and Family"
*Enter their email address mattaanderson {at} mail {dot} com
*Fill out the rest of the information asked of you

Please note that Paypal will do the currency exchange for you with the money being sent. It is a small fee in comparison to the other options of raising money. 

Won't you let her borrow your voice to get the word out?

UPDATE: Baby Isla lost her fight on Oct. 10th at 11:57am. The family is asking everyone to release a balloon for her on October 21st. You can email them pictures, or I will be posting that day with a link up if you would like to write something and share your pictures. I just want everything in one place for this family to see how much support they have! More Info


Kathy said...

I think it's great that you are using your blog to help someone else. I will click on to their story. There is so much in life that doesn't seem fair, but no more so than when you read about a child suffering. Thank you for giving their family a voice!

MotherhoodTruth said...

Thank you so much for helping out! It means to world to me and I know it means the world to them.

Coffeelovinmom said...

I plan to do the balloon thing as well Danielle - I will link up with you!

Coffeelovinmom said...

Thanks Kathy, I know you will keep them in your thoughts as well - it's hard not to after reading their story..

Kimberly said...

That is just heartbreaking. My heart hurts just reading this. I'll be keeping the family in my thoughts.

Morepicklesplease said...

Love this post. It's amazing how the Internet has brought so many of us together so intimately.