Saturday, October 29, 2011

Of Halloween Past...

Remember when all the costumes had masks?  I can still smell and almost taste the inside just looking at this...

This Halloween was well before my time being my dad's brother and cousin, it's from the 60's but so timeless and sweet I just had to share! 
Have a great Saturday and a safe Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

To Flavor or Not to Flavor

It's the end of the week and time for another edition of Coffee Chronicles where we Thank Coffee it's Friday the best way we know how.  Thank you for joining us and coming back each week to learn about burning coffee questions...

This week's question comes to us from Tim of Sogeshirts who asks:

Do you prefer regular coffee or flavored coffee and why for either?

Flavored vs. unflavored coffee.

Here's how the process goes:

Flavored coffee beans are coated with flavor compounds to supplement coffee beans' natural taste. In addition, these flavors help extend the shelf life of coffee by disguising changes in flavor due to decaffeination, oxidation, or aging processes. Flavored coffees in one form or another have been used for centuries, but the gourmet coffee boom of the 1990s resulted in an increased interest in exotic flavors of coffee. With current chemical technology, the beans can be produced with almost any flavor imaginable.

So did anyone pick up on the one piece of info that should be a reason NOT to go flavored?


Ok, it's this:

".....flavors help extend the shelf life of coffee by disguising changes in flavor due to decaffeination, oxidation, or aging processes."

Gross. This means that you can not tell how fresh coffee is if it's been flavored. Oh sure it smells great but the over powering scent has tricked your mouth.

Seriously, flavor your coffee with creamers or syrups AFTER its brewed. Add some cinnamon to your ground coffee before you hit brew.

Drink your coffee unflavored - just once to get the true flavor of the coffee itself. You'd be surprised that you can discover how much you enjoy (or not) your regular brew.

Respect the cup.


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Join us next week, we may have a few surprises up our sleeves!
Enjoy your weekend and your cuppa joe!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I Have Done

To compliment last week's Writer's Workshop of 22 things I've Never Done, I will share 22 things I actually have done at the brink of 40.

  1. Gone a day without coffee.  I think.
  2. Been Skydiving. Twice.
  3. Seen the Eiffel Tower at night.
  4. Conquered Lake Michigan. Well, my husband gets the credit for the conquering part, I just survived.
  5. Traveled by boat down the Mosel River in Germany.
  6. Cried at an episode of Full House while I was pregnant. 
  7. Watched a dear friend be defeated by cancer in a matter of weeks.
  8. Watched the first 10 years of my son's life fly by already.
  9. Been held up at gunpoint, in my own driveway.
  10. Eaten a gourmet meal.
  11. Seen the inside of one of the most haunted castles in Ireland.
  12. Cried myself to sleep.
  13. Observed how the other half lives up close and personal.
  14. Tried pigeon - it wasn't that great.
  15. Been a pre-school teacher.
  16. Walked out in the middle of a (stupid) movie.
  17. Been to woodstock.
  18. Felt unconditional love.
  19. Peed my pants on numerous occasions.
  20. Cried at an episode of Roseanne while I wasn't pregnant.
  21. Celebrated my husband's birthday in France.
  22. Raced against a Mustang GT - and kicked it's ass.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving is Much Easier on TV

As we were covering the kitchen table in paper bags and getting the tools and other fine, sharp accessories out for carving pumpkins my son says: "Mom, they make pumpkin carving look much easier on TV." 

Me: "Really?  How's that?"

"You know, they start it and then there's one already magically done and waiting for them to show you the finished product right away..they don't show you all the time that goes into it."

He is absolutely right - our first half hour looked like this:    

And This:

Then the next half hour was spent tracing the pattern onto the pumpkin and the actual carving took at least another 45 minutes which put us way past bedtime but the end result was worth all the time and effort..

The TV version would have been painlessly over and done with in a half hour or less.  I would for the sake of arthritis like to be able to do the TV version of carving from now on...what would you like to see the TV version of in your house instead of the long version?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lack of Grounds...Grounds for Divorce?

Thanks for tuning in again this week for our Friday Coffee Chronicles where we Thank Coffee It's Friday each week here answering your burning coffee questions and this week giving you the winner of the Starbucks Gift Card.

First thing's first, let's get on with the question coming to us this week from Just Jennifer who asks:

Coffee question: Should my husband be punished severely for pouring out the last of the coffee before asking me if I wanted any more? If so, what is a suitable punishment?

Dear Jennifer,

So your husband isn't respecting your cup? Hmmm...

Read this, honey.

1453: Coffee is introduced to Constantinople by Ottoman Turks. The world's first coffee shop, Kiva Han, open there in 1475. Turkish law makes it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with her daily quota of coffee.

Given this little piece of info, you can see the important role that coffee played in a marriage.

Ok, you aren't Turkish... ( wait, are you?) and it's not the 15th century but who's gives a cinnamon topping moment?!?

Repeat after me. Make your hubby do it too.

"I will abide by the Constitution of Coffee and Marriage and will always remember the laws. As coffee is the foundation of a loving and civil union, by this documentation I will never sway:

No one shall covet another choice of cup. Thy cup is thy own and only thy own.

Always communicate to spouse regarding choice of cup. A mutual agreement must be acquired.

Never choose to take upon one's self to determine if said cup is done. Thy owner of cup rules over cup's disposal.

Sharing of cup is not optional. Believing this to be true will cause ill regard to both parties involved.

Respect the cup.

By this I do solemnly swear."

Hang this in the kitchen.



And now, the moment you've been waiting for and the real reason you showed up this week: Our winner is....Kristin Silva!

Congrats to Kristin who is "a mother, wife, school counselor, sister, daughter, friend, animal lover, coffee addict, and a constant work in progress."  She has a blog called LIFEOLOGY where you might just be able to catch her randomitis.

Thanks to Kristin and everyone who entered the contest - we appreciate all the interesting coffee questions we received from this and encourage you to keep checking in with us because you never know which Friday we might decide to reward you for showing up with some coffee!

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You guys all rock, thanks for loving us so hard - stay tuned next week to see if your question gets answered, gain some coffee knowledge and of course snark, let's not forget the snark!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things I've Never Done

I will be cough (40) cough on my next birthday and I have never:
  1. Made a gourmet meal.
  2. Been able to find my libido after the first kid.
  3. Stood in the pouring rain. Well not on purpose..
  4. Taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese.
  5. Gone to Mardi Gras.
  6. Eaten a fish taco.
  7. Had a panic attack.
  8. Tried to be about fashion.
  9. Licked a frozen flag pole.
  10. Found the gold at the end of the rainbow.
  11. Watched Jersey Shore.
  12. Shot a gun.
  13. Been scuba diving.
  14. Tried to smuggle something into another country.
  15. Made Thanksgiving Dinner.
  16. Been a people person.
  17. Broken a bone.
  18. Married for the money.
  19. Been caught between the moon and New York City.
  20. Camped without a tent.
  21. Been swept off to Paris in a private plane.
  22. Taken nude photos and leaked them on the internet. (You're very welcome!) 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Children in the Corn

Aaaand, we're lost!  That didn't take long at all..
Have you been to a corn maze this season?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Take out Coffee vs. Brew at Home

Thanks so much for joining us for another weekly edition of Coffee Chronicles - where we Thank Coffee it's Friday every week here for your enjoyment.  Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa joe and stay awhile!

There were so many awesome questions from our Giveaway last week that proved you just can't tell when we will decide to give something away.  (If you haven't entered, there is still time - GO NOW - it ends the 21st.)  It was hard to choose which question should go first so we picked out of a hat and came up with this one that comes to us from April:

Question? Do you prefer coffee out or what you make at home more?

Dear April:

The best way to answer this question is with the REAL question here:

What is your coffee budget?

You don't have one? Seriously?
Ok, I get it. Coffee's not a "need"...

That's crap! Coffee is a need! A requirement. A gosh darn necessity.
And you don't think so, why are you here besides the fact that the JavaJoeMamas are so freaking AWESOME. Boom.

So. A budget. Maybe it's 10$ a month. Maybe it's 10$ a week but you need to create one. Not only will it answer this question better for you individually, it'll keep you in check to not overspend.

Average lb of coffee to brew at home: 10$ to 15$. And this doesn't include sales or specials. By the way, ground coffee you buy in a bag loses it's flavor slowly once it's ground. So that DD you got on sale at Target for $5.99, it's really a days worth of joe. And if it's flavored, that's what you paid for. Stale coffee covered in flavor. Not worth it.

Listen, the fresher the cup the better. G.A.Y.G. (Grind As You Go) should be tattooed somewhere on your body...or taped to the fridge. Buy whole bean. Invest in a decent grinder (AND keep it clean! Oils ruin a grinder!!) and brew fresh daily. A grind the night before is "ok" but even the Bux standard is to brew every 8 min before noon. Every. 8. Minutes. The fresher the better.

So your budget to brew at home maybe 15$ a week. That includes coffee, sugar, creamer or anything else you add. You need to factor in your average. An open bag of coffee whole bean lasts a week. Don't chill it or freeze it!! No no no!! Keep it in the bag in a non clear container; safe from moisture, light and air.

Now going to a shop is expensive. Even for a cup of regular brew. Expensive for your wallet, your watch and your waistline. But if it's your fix, do it smart.
Buy a gift card. Only use THAT card. Put a fixed amount on it a week and don't go over.

Starbucks has a Rewards program that allows you to register the card and earn free drinks. In addition, your syrups are free, soy is free and refills of brewed, iced coffee and/or brewed, iced teas are free. Plus you get postcards for free drinks every 15 transactions for ANY drink you want.

Other coffee shops have promotions like this too. Ask the barista for info and you could see the amount you spend out is comparable to the amount you spend at home.

The thing is if you love coffee, home or from a shop, you'll spend the $$ to get it the way you like. But don't compromise. Taste your drink before you leave to make sure you like it. You just paid 2.15 to 5.55 for your coffee, make sure you love it. And grocery store coffee? Never pre-ground. Ever. It's a waste of money and you won't be happy. I certainly won't be happy. And you might find me knocking on your door ready to smack you with a Torani bottle.

Just remember your budget and it'll all make sense.

Respect the cup.



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Don't forget to tune in next week where we may talk about punishing husbands for lack of beans - you won't want to miss the snark that is bound to ensue.  Thanks for joining us!

Java Joe Mamas

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Things - Never to Ask Your Spouse

These ten questions are sure to get either the deer caught in headlights look or the look of death when asked in my house.  I bet you can figure out which look I get on each question:

  1. Wouldn't it be great if we could go on a date?
  2. Didn't we talk about this last week?
  3. Don't you know me by now?
  4. How's that hairline doing?
  5. Don't you listen when I talk?
  6. Do you want me to drive?
  7. Will you read this book with me?
  8. Has it really been a month?
  9. Have you talked to your mother?
  10. Don't you think you've had enough beer?
That last one not only comes with the look, it will also have the immediate reaction of him directly getting another beer. This I learned early in our relationship and haven't asked it since 2000.

This was a fun way to do my first Writer's Workshop with Mama Kat!

Mama’s Losin’ It

What's one question you know will get you a look at your house?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Letting Her Use My Voice

I have been trying to create a great gripping post to help my friend Danielle at Motherhood Truth who is desperately trying to find aid for the Anderson family from the UK and she is asking for voices to assist in her fight to just get the word out.  

You can read the family's story HERE (this is their most recent post)

I've wanted to do this since she first mentioned it last week in reading about the family and their struggles with both mom and preemie but I had no words to get started.  Danielle, being the "speechless" one, gave me the opportunity to do just that with her Speechless post from Sunday:

I am Speechless

I think most writer's will tell you that words come naturally. Sure we have writer's block once in awhile, but it passes. Words are our things. We mold them into sentences, paragraphs and even pages to share stories, emotions and let others into our heads.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Java Jive - Coffee Chronicles Giveaway Edition

Thank Coffee it's Friday!

We are taking a lazy break this week but instead giving YOU the chance to WIN a $25 Starbucks Gift Card! Surprise!!

Enjoy the Java Jive video and then enter to win - it's that easy!


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Stay tuned next week, we'll be back to the old grind!

Please leave separate comments for each entry.  Contest will last 2 weeks - the winner will be chosen Friday October 21at 12am CST, have 24 hours to respond and be announced on that Friday's Coffee Chronicles Edition.  Gift card will be purchased and sent to you personally by one of the Java Joe Mamas.  Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Perfect Wife - The Real Story

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It's Not About You...

Let's just tell it like it is and not beat around the bush here...

You know, the Real Story..

I've been hem-hawing around about this blog post for awhile now and I've decided that it just needs to be out in the open.

Either she reads my blog or she doesn't and I guess I will find out which of those statements are true once I hit publish.

I have a deep, dark MIL.
STOP  ---  WAIT: This is my opinion and I wouldn't want you to think that because she's never been anything but nice.  Ask anyone that knows her, she's quite a nice lady and would anything for you if you need her - I will give her that - nice.

I will state just the facts from here on out and you can form your own opinion - nobody can get mad at me for just stating the facts right?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zombie Tuesday - What Does a Zombie Good?

This post started by your friend and mine The Robot Mommy:

With Halloween vastly approaching, I'm exposed to many a monster. In my tv. In my neighborhood Target ( the monster extreme). In my hubby. In my toddler. In my medical bills.... I would add my power bill to this and my husband in his nicotine craving moments when the daggers are coming from his eyes..

Ooooo. You get to sit on your ass at home and draw disability pay!! Fuck you, I'm in pain and have to pay for people to shove cameras up my tush and stab me with needles. I HATE NEEDLES!!!! 

.... (stepping off soapbox). Sorry. Pain creates pissy robot.

Anywho.....Luckily, I got my robot goggles on and upgraded. I'm impervious to this monster crap. I'm not scared of you and your fear mongering ways.

You, especially you......

I'm talking to you, Zombies. 

I know...I know... BRRAAAAAIIIIINNNS....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Stepping Back in Time

This Saturday I am camping with the Girl Scouts probably freezing my patuckus off with the high in the fifties, I'm certainly not wearing shorts on this little trip.

Speaking of fifties, I recently came across this little gem that tells us how we should treat our man and our's from a little number called Housekeeping Monthly and they call it the "Good Wife's Guide"

To that and to those (like my husband) who might agree with that I say this: