Friday, September 16, 2011

Presenting Coffee Chronicles

WELCOME to our first addition of COFFEE CHRONICLES
The place you can come to every Friday to get your coffee questions answered!
Grab a cuppa joe and join us for this week's question coming to us from a reader about a Starbucks issue I've found in any coffeehouse when ordering a specialty drink a little out of the ordinary. Personally, I always get more shots of espresso than what's called for in any given drink..all our orders are special..they each should be treated as such!

I want to know how I can order my drink at Starbucks and get them to make it correctly without attitude. Can you help me with that one? (I'm being serious, I order a decaf, soy drink and I always get attitude when they forget to make it decaf or soy).


Dear J.,

Being an occasional decaf ( nighttime mostly) and soy drinker myself, nothing bugs me more than to hear that attitude was served along with their latte. Look, the business is retail. Therefore it needs to maintain it's business with great customer service. Great, not good, mediocre or half-ass. As a manager, my team needs to be better at customer service then making the drink. If they mess up, they fix it WITH A SMILE ON THEIR FACE. If I get a customer complaint, you better believe I'm talking to my employee. 

Some stores "get" this. What I've come across lately is great stores with a couple of baristas that need to change the 'tude or find another job. Seriously. 

Keep ordering your drink but let them know that you have a very important reason (none of their business why)  that it needs to be decaf and that regular milk makes you sick. Also, don't tip until AFTER you sipped your drink to make sure it is right. Afterward, make a point of tipping the barista at the bar. Smart move as they know you are happy and that they did a good job. Another big take away, if this is your regular Bux ( or other coffee shop ) introduce yourself to the barista who made your drink. They don't feel like a machine ( which sometimes we do ) and will probably ask you how your drink is. 

If after doing any of this you still getting 'tude, ask for the manager. Yes, do it. I hate complaints but if I don't get them, I can't fix the problem. You just spent $5 on a drink. You deserve a smile and a person who cares about what they created behind your purchase. Enough said.

As an added bonus for our first week as the Java Joe Mamas, we also present you with a take away recipe:

The Starbucks DoubleShot
Shots of espresso brewed then poured over ice. Shaken vigorously to enhance the espresso flavor. Classic syrup ( or your choice of syrup ) is added and it’s then topped with milk. So this is a hard core espresso bomb! You have to like the flavor of espresso for this one. 
(CLM will be making and enjoying one of these later today!! YUMM!)

Do you have a coffee question (Starbucks or otherwise) you would like us to answer?  Have a special drink you'd like the recipe to?

You can ask your questions here or by emailing one of us at:

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Join us next week when we talk about Brew Concentrates and the method to their madness!


Kim said...

Hehe. I read this and thought, "What the heck?!" since my blog name is The Coffee POT Chronicles. Too funny.

coffeelovinmom said...

I googled the phrase and left out THE POT just for that reason :) I like your site Kim!

Kim said...


MotherhoodTruth said...

This is such a great idea! Love! I am really excited for all the recipes to come! I LOVE coffee and can't wait to try new things!!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the feedback. I usually go through the drive thru when I order my drink but I think I will start confirming it's decaf and soy before leaving and will take a sip before I give them a tip. Thank you ladies!

NLQisRussell said...

I really think that sorta attitude comes with the laziness of the barista. Back in my day before the push button machines we used to take pride in the fact that we were Starbucks baristas and that we truly handcrafted each drink.

Things are so different these days and I really think the art of coffee making is dieing with these automated machines.

And yes, I am a former bux barista who every now and then misses stepping behind the bar.

NLQisRussell said...

P.S. I only get this attitude when I go to Starbucks. The local coffee stand I frequent has none of this attitude. They also have the older machines which I am in love with.

oomph. said...

ever since the manager and all the regular workers left my usual SB, i've had nothing but over-priced (overcharged) drinks from the new/different baristas and attitude from the new MANAGER. they continue to charge me for a grande when i order a tall...and receive a tall!

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the robot mommy said...

No one deserves to be treated poorly when they visit a business. My store is by no means perfect so I want/wish/ need people to speak up. It's not tattling when it's about helping improve a business's customer service.

Amberr Meadows said...

I really dislike when people act pissy when you order what YOU want and YOU are willing to pay for. When those rude folks begin paying for your coffee, they can get a nasty attitude about soy or milk or caf or decaf. In my sphere, I don't have many problems with people working across the various counters, but I'm also the type of person that puts off a "NO BS" vibe, and I will call out a person for having an attitude in two seconds. Did I mention that they HATE when I do that?

On the other hand, those who are polite and kind and make my order correctly (or correct it without whining) get an extra-generous tip, just for being KIND.

Great post!

coffeelovinmom said...

Let us know if there is something particular you want the recipe for!

coffeelovinmom said...

Exactly, I am definitely a no BS person - I've been asked "ARE YOU SURE you want all that espresso?" Excuse me but I don't think I would have ordered it if I didn't...I like when you can walk in and the barista already knows exactly how you want it. I have not had to tip in order for this to happen either so again, it is all about the barista..

MamaRiceCake said...

I'm definitely going to keep this in mind. I tend to get attitude because I order soy/extra shot/ NO WHIP/ extra hot on my drinks... they almost ALWAYS come with whip. I go to a drive-thru Starbucks. I always whip my car back into the parking lot and go inside and tell them that they got my drink wrong. They fix it... but it happens so often (seriously, almost every time) that I've started only going there when I have time to GO INSIDE afterwards. So much for being a quick stop.
Maybe it'd be worth getting a manager in on it eh? Cuz seriously... when the sticker on the side of my cup clearly says "NO WHIP"... it oughta be right.... RIGHT?! For a $7 cup of coffee... it should be how I ordered it, not just however they felt like making it that day.

Heidi said...

I miss starbucks! I never thought I'd say that but I do. We moved this summer and the closest one is an hour away.