Friday, September 30, 2011

Handling a Coffee Catastrophe - JJM Style

Thanks for joining us again for another slightly entertaining episode of the Friday Coffee Chronicles with the Java Joe Mamas.  This week's question is coming to us via E-mail and just came in asking for snark....I hope the answer wasn't too full of it..oh who am I kidding? 

So you just pour the perfect cup of coffee. The creamer to coffee ratio is perfect. The temperature is exact. You set your cup down for a second to go do something and when you return there is a bug in it. What is the proper way to handle a bug in the coffee?

Danielle G.

Dear Danielle,

I'll make this as clear as possible so we don't get this type of question again.  

When you say "bug", clearly you mean "nothing at all" since as a reader of this forum you would never, EVER set your coffee down when it is down right perfect. Think of it. Millions of people live out their lives with imperfect coffee. Do you mean to tell me that you would allow something so unfathomable to happen in this day and age? Who leaves a perfectly perfect cup of coffee to go off and do anything else?

You can call it whatever you want but let's be honest. The only thing "crawling" around showing their perfect coffee disrespect is you.

Get some Velcro for the handle and



So what's your burning coffee question?
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MotherhoodTruth said...

Ahahahahahahah! ok...Touche!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That's hilarious! Clearly I need to learn some cup respect!

Just Jennifer said...

The "Danielle" you speak of is totally @MotherhoodTruth!

So I had a Coffee Catastrophy of my own a couple weeks ago. I was at my friends office helping her out for the morning. Got myself a piping hot cuppa, came out of the little breakroom and proceeded to ram into a wall. I spill the entire cup all down my front. I also dropped the cup and coffee splattered down the hall. It wasn't pretty. And I was so sad.

MotherhoodTruth said...

LOL damn I was found out! Come on I got 3 kids and they could care less if I am enjoying something!!

Kimberly said...

That's hilarious!