Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Via Music - Dave Owens the Real Story

Somewhere along my own personal Twitter journey, I met a cute and sweet little married couple who took me a minute to figure out they were a couple. You know, I am not quick that way - or anyway really but I think I talked to Mallorie Owens first possibly after one #Wineparty Friday and we got talking about music.  One thing led to another and Dave Owens sent me a FREE CD to check out and review for him which he signed with a nice message.  Dave is a downright nice guy from Tennessee who I mistakenly thought was from Chicago because I'm from Chicago so I lean that way and he wrote a song called Chicago....hello, I told you I wasn't real quick, right?  It still had me feeling alright..

Now I've never claimed to be a music expert, or any expert for that matter - you know jack of all master of zilch - but I've listened to my fair share and I love when it comes so easy for people - Dave Owens is one of those real down home people who it comes easy's real music and flows naturally.
Listen for yourself to the man and his guitar singing my favorite song on the album: Blackheart (which is by the way about HOPE, in case you thought otherwise) at a recent Hard Rock Cafe performance:

Pretty easy on the ears don't you think?
He may or may not take this as a compliment but Dave Owens has an almost John Mayerish feel to me but also making a 90s music reference to a band I loved Toad the Wet Sprocket (remember them?) - and the down home feel of maybe an earthy Tom Pettyish style without the hippie hair

Love Via Music by Dave Owens

Check It Because:  It has some great songs including both of the videos you can listen to here but I think the best part for me listening to the whole disk all the way through was The Sneaky Song the way they snuck in there with the amazing horns and a beat that wasn't like the other songs on the album and yet it still somehow fell into the same feel as the rest of the cuts on the CD.

Where you can find Dave Owens:
on Twitter: @DaveOwensMusic 
or at the Dave Owens Website:

Thanks again Dave!  If you ever come to Chicago, I will be sure and get tickets to your show!


Dave Owens said...

Amy, thank you for the kind words and for sharing the music with your readers...hope to see you in Chicago soon!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Definitely let me know when that's happening - House of Blues maybe?