Friday, August 5, 2011

Growing a Blog - Summer Blog Social

Even though I have been blogging for a year and a half, I still feel like a novice in a lot of areas.

In this year and a half, I took a good 5 month hiatus after our little run in with Lake Michigan which hurt my following and any connections I had made on twitter so when I came back, it was like I was starting over again.  I wanted to be able to share some things with brand new bloggers that I have learned since returning this past March..

What activities, practices, features or events have helped you most in terms of blog or social media growth?

  • Taking part in the Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom was really a boost in confidence  and readers - also where I have made some truly lasting relationships with people I've yet  to meet both years I have participated.
  • Learning about Twitter hashtags like #latteclub #smgirlfriends #wineparty #vlogtalk #commenthour and many others helped me be more social.  Of course I also make my own silly #sometimescreative hastags about whatever is going on but you can search any hashtag and see if others are talking about the same thing...
  • When I first came back onto the scene and was trying to work my way back to a comfortable place in the social media world, I had total writer's block which happens often but I found a few memes to join each week that helped get me into a routine.  I don't take part in all of them anymore, only about half but you can find them all HERE.
  • I do take part in various memes that come along that peak my curiosity and creativity.  It's a good way to meet new people with similar interests and learn from the other greatly talented bloggers.
  • In sharing things that happen to me like the time I Googled Myself, I feel like there is a connection with my readers if I can enlighten them to learn from my experience.
  • In sharing things I have learned like How to get the URL for your Tweet, I also form a connection in sharing something that may not be common knowledge.

So these are things that I do that help me grow in the interwebs - what are your tips and tricks?

There's still time to link up with Liz and Jessica - thanks for hosting this ladies!


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Interesting and good tips! Memes are a good way to start off for newcomers to the blog world, to find a group of similar minded bloggers. I am the same, I don't do as many now, only the ones that pique my interest :)

adashofdomestic said...

I had to google Memes. Gah! I do a few. This is great advice, especially if you (like me) have not quite found your place yet. I'm a Hodge Podge I think.

Jessica said...

Great ideas for growing your blog. I think the best thing I ever did for my blog was to make connections on twitter. It definitely has helped me broaden my reach. Glad you linked up!

Just Jennifer said...

Participating in memes has helped me too. Next is for me to start my own, and maybe try to the guest blogging gig, both me on someone else's and have someone guest on mine. Just keep pluggin' along...

Liz said...

Thanks for joining in! Hooray for Twitter! And Amen to the suggestion of memes. It's a great way to find new circles of bloggers.

Donna J said...

Twitter brought us together and our blogs have made us closer. You have an energetic, contagious personality - I can feel it through your writing. One day soon we'll meet in person...over coffee of course!