Monday, August 22, 2011

Bloggy Bootcamp - Takeout Version

Blogging ConferenceThis past weekend I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago which as a first timer, I was nervous of course and all my own fears of judgement came into play.  The fact that I would have to be social which is hardly one of my strong points scared me the most because I am the most likely to inevitably insert my foot directly in my mouth which I'm sure I did at some point in one conversation or another and you know what?  It was all okay.  

Once I started meeting people and realizing we all shared things in common, we were all putting ourselves out there, my fears went away and I was able to take things in.  I felt comfortable in this space and more like I had known some of these people all along than the awkwardness of just meeting someone new.  These people actually got me and there was not much for awkward silences - there was too much happy networking going on!

It's damn near impossible to put into words any information given at a conference like this which really is why you should think about going to one. I am more of a squirrel than a sponge so I know I only absorbed so much but here's part of my fast food takeout version:

We were told to take away three things and my three things today are a result of a slide that LaQuishe Wright @qfromctu (if you don't already know this girl, look her up) showed in her presentation which read:

-Mama absolutely knows best.
-Don’t be afraid to make your own path.
-Ignorance can truly be bliss.
-Write from the heart
-Having a vision and a support system is KEY
-Dream BIG or go home
-Pay it forward.

Always remember you get what you give…
And you can’t make everyone happy

From this I take away three important things:
  1. I am the most blissful person you will ever meet.
  2. The true way to make my own path IS to write from the heart.
  3. Finding a support system that supports my vision while encouraging me to go for my dreams truly is the key and also a process.

Tiffany Romero @TiffanyRom and Francesca Banducci @SitsGirls did an awesome job of providing us with really great speakers.  I really feel like I took three inspiring things from each of them!  Now I just need to narrow it down and figure out where it is I want to be successful..

"Wherever you put your emphasis and attention is what you will be successful at."
-Tiffany Romero

What is it YOU are being successful at?  
What would you like to be successful at?


Optimistic Mom said...

Thanks for sharing these points that you noted from the event. I hope to go to one next year. I have to remind myself that I can't make everyone happy. I have to stick with what I know and enjoy to be true to myself and readers. :)

Midwest Elle said...

I am SO glad you had a wonderful time!!

Nicole said...

These are good things to remember. :o)

coffeelovinmom said...

I really would recommend it - the SITS girls are great! This is a good reminder for everyone..

coffeelovinmom said...

If you get a chance again, please take it...I am sorry you weren't able to go. Thank you again for your ticket!

coffeelovinmom said...

Just like in life , you get what you's kind of a common sense reminder.

MotherhoodTruth said...

"Always remember you get what you give…
And you can’t make everyone happy" Best advice ever. If you do what makes YOU happy you will be better at what you are doing! Love it!! Thanks for the reminder. Also glad you had a good time. I want to go to something like this and I have the same fears you have talked about. Glad those settled!

She'sWrite said...

Hey diva! It was soooo good to put a real face to a Twitter handle. I'm glad we connected. I'm also glad that you're part of my tribe. You supreme lady you. :) Muah!

Kmama said...

I DID put my foot in my mouth! While Q was speaking, I told someone else that her husband was hot...only it was Channing Tatum and not her husband. DOH!

I'm glad you were able to easily find your 3 takeaways!

Tiffany said...

So glad you came and enjoyed yourself!

I've been to 10 BBCs at this point and I learn something every.single.time.

Thanks again for coming!


coffeelovinmom said...

I love that I'm not the only brain and mouth do not work in sync sometimes

coffeelovinmom said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to have gotten this opportunity Tiffany - I can see how you learn every time! Thank YOU!!

Ginny Marie said...

I learned so much at BBC! It was a great experience...I'm still processing it all. It was so fun to be in a room full of bloggers!

Good Day Regular People said...

I am happy that I met you. SOmething about you, felt familiar right away.

Would love to get a meet up together, with all the fabulous women I met.

Janmary, N Ireland said...

I'm heading to Atlanta BBC from Ireland - excited and nervous.

Glad you overcame your nerves and fears, hope I do too!