Monday, August 29, 2011

Be Enough Me: Gratitudes and Acknowledgments

I have been unemployed since February - that's six months now (six months and 12 days but who's counting?) that I feel have been poorly planned maybe due to my countless list of projects, activities and things I wanted to be able to do being off work, now having "all the time in the world" to be able to get them done.  I've hit this six month mark quicker than I thought I was going to without getting much done - it's staring me straight in the face and hitting me hard this week because the kids started school and so the time seems really wasted.  I am a professional time waster.

I had my own To Do List I wrote back about April including a good 15 things I wanted to get done before summer started - painting projects to cleaning out closets projects and you know what?  Here we are at the end of the Summer and I've done ONE - I repeat ONE project on the list in the six months I have been off work.  It was a decent size painting project that I am proud of but waited to do until a few days before my daughter's birthday party at the end of July which is hardly the beginning of summer. (..sounds like I'm really proud, right?)

It may be my lack of motivation that is killing the whole production, or perhaps the plain procrastination and the fact that I tend to put too many things on my plate and then become engulfed in a couple...for a minute...and then I lose interest.  This is why I don't do many To Do Lists because I know my track record in keeping them.  Lastly in the realm of possibilities could be that I always feel like I should be doing MORE.  Seriously, if I actually DID all the things I thought about doing I would be able to follow recipes and keep plants alive, have that bikini body, a spotless house, more money saved, a clean car, this list could go on until I run out of space here...

How many times do I have to brow beat myself over this - which I've been doing for at least a week -  before I decide enough is enough?  I can feel myself wearing down and this seemed to come at just the right time...

I know in acknowledging even the smallest steps in the course of a day I can feel that much more empowered and somehow by putting it in writing it is validated all the more each time I look at it on the paper even if I was already aware of it. I know in my heart I am enough, I just have to start to believe it..

Here are my Acknowledgments for Today:
  1. I acknowledge myself for getting the kids up and to school on time.
  2. I acknowledge myself for vacuuming the entire upper floor.
  3. I acknowledge myself for cleaning two of four bathrooms.
  4. I acknowledge myself for clearing my dresser so I can see it again.
  5. I acknowledge myself for being aware of what I need to do for myself before I can make anyone happy. (The first step is admitting there is a problem after all...)
I begin today to write 5 Acknowledgments and 5 Gratitudes each day that will help me believe I AM enough because I know it's all in what goes on in our head that makes us believe one thing or another.  Henry Ford said - "Whether you think you can or can't you're right."  I actually said this to my son today when he was talking about how he couldn't do his math. Why not make it work FOR us instead of against us?

In Gratefulness, there can be no fear...

Here are my Gratitudes for Today:
  1. Today I am grateful that I don't have to do this alone.
  2. Today I am grateful for my children telling me they love me.
  3. Today I am grateful for being interrupted by hugs.
  4. Today I am grateful for the sounds of summer.
  5. Today I am grateful for quiet time at the end of the day.

I've linked up with Just Be Enough, where my link helps donate a memory book to those battling cancer.  I have been inspired by this group of lovely bloggers to re-spark a habit I have off and on - you can consider things habits if you do them on a consistent basis for a period of time, right?  I know this periodic habit does me a world of good no matter what is going on with my life.  I recommend this to anyone looking for the positives rather than the negatives.  This baby step process really does work in the snowball sort of way and I'm proof every time even if I only do it to try and prove it wrong.  The first time is always the hardest but it gets easier from there.

What can you acknowledge about 
yourself today?

Bellflower Books will be sponsoring the Be Enough Me Monday link ups for ONE month, starting August 22nd. For every 20 people that link uwith a story of how they lived the Be Enough Me “feeling” that week, Bellflower will donate ONE $75 gift certificate to a family identified by Crickett’s Answer for the creation of a 20-page memory book. They will keep a running total of links over the four Mondays and hope to reach the goal of 120 links, which would provide TEN Bellflower memory books.


datingdivasites said...

thanks I needed to read this. :) I have struggle with who am I now and what is my worth since my youngest child left for college. The fact that I run my own company and have had a successful business for 8 years and was running in the black after 2 days should be enough. Some how it means little to me compared with all the I should be doing and my oh so empty nest. Not many people that know me have any idea what I do and when they ask do you work I say no. LOL I love my job so much marketing online that it really doesn't seem like a job but I work on it now 12 to 14 hours a day and love it! I'm slowly coming out of the closet about my work and tell people and have shared it with more of my friends.

thanks again for sharing this,


Barbara said...

What a great post for a great cause. I tend to caught up in the negative too, so I really need to start acknowledging my accomplishments.

Good Day Regular People said...

Mama, I am so PROUD that you linked up, that you love yourself, and that you are helping to bring these special books to families surviving breast cancer.

I would say, you are definitely NOT doing nothing.

So glad we met.

April Welch said...

What a great post! So often we can get caught up in 'beating ourselves up' with what's not getting accomplished that we forget to take a look around at what does get done day to day ;D

I have a ton of "starter" tips on my blog if you're interested in tackling those projects one by one, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have if you need a little extra booster to get you going



coffeelovinmom said...

Thanks April! Another reason I want to check out your site..heading over there now!

coffeelovinmom said...

Thanks Liz! The best job you can have is one that doesn't feel like one - I would want to yell that from the rooftops! I am glad we connected..funny how things start off and then evolve into something better all the time!

coffeelovinmom said...

It really does's all about the little things working like a snowball - let me know how it works for you!

coffeelovinmom said...

I'm about to brag my paint job in a post here soon...every post I read from you tells me we were destined to meet - I feel like I already know you we share so much in common! Definitely glad we met!

Kimberly said...

I dwell on my negatives and things that I didn't accomplish. I need to start acknowledging what I have done and realizing that I am enough.

Great post!

Mama Wants This said...

I think it's terrific that you are acknowledging the positive. With a positive attitude, everything will be better, and easier. Thank you for linking up with JBE!

Elena Sonnino said...

I love this SOOO much!!! What a fantastic way to see your days. Thank you so much for linking up!

coffeelovinmom said...

I think we all get into that rut which is why I was feeling worn down by it. I hope you do Kim - give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!

coffeelovinmom said...

Happy to have been inspired..thank you Alison you are the best!

coffeelovinmom said...

No thank YOU! It's a great thing, I hope more bloggers join in!

Mrs. Jen B said...

What an amazing, amazing post. Thank you for your honesty.

First, let me tell you that my husband has been out of work since last February - he stays home to care for his father during the day. And while that doesn't involve anything too taxing aside from checking on him and making sure he's not getting into trouble, Rob is not nearly as productive as he feels he should be. You're not the only one going through it, at all. It's easy to sit and think how you *should* be if you're home all day, but until you're there you just don't know how you'll deal with it.

I suck with to-do lists too. Suck suck suck. I am always starting projects and forgetting about them.

You really hit the right idea here. The important thing is looking at the things you HAVE accomplished. And by the way? 2 out of 4 bathrooms? Seriously??? I have 1 1/2 bathrooms and feel like I should throw myself a party for cleaning a toilet. Not even the whole bathroom. In other words? You're pretty much awesome.

Robin @ Farewell, Stranger said...

What a great thing to do. I can understand how that time goes by so fast and you don't get as much done as you'd like. But it sounds like you did a lot for one day! That's more productive than I've been lately.

Thanks so much for linking up. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

coffeelovinmom said...

I went from one small one to four - seriously I don't know what I was thinking! I hope you remind your husband of this and that we all do incredible things everyday even if it's little and ordinary. It's too easy to lose focus when there is no longer that 9-5 (or whatever) routine job to focus on..

Jessica said...

Good for you for creating a list of accomplishments and gratitudes for yourself. Those to-do lists are tough sometimes to get everything done and then you feel bad when you don't. But you have not been doing nothing just because you only have one item crossed off.

datingdivasites said...

It is the best kind of job to have and I am glad we got to know each other. Part of the rough spot we had is my not taking my work seriously and therefor letting others do the same. I'm defensive and slightly grumpy these days LOL

Angela said...

I like the idea of acknowledging what you're doing instead of focusing on what isn't getting done. Sometimes I put a million things on my list and then forget that I AM doing things each day, things that add up to take up a lot of time, even if they're not "projects". Don't be so hard on yourself :)

sunithi selvaraj said...

Beautiful piece which really makes you think ... and realise that " it's the little things that count " Also what a beautiful blog .. so crisp and coordinated :) New Follower on GFC as well :)

Debs Dealz said...

Hi there, Debs Dealz stopping in from the hop to follow you via GFC. Please visit back and follow me too. While you are there like me on FB too, Thanks!

MamaRiceCake said...

Thanks for linking this post up for Sunday Funday. I've been reading a bunch of the "Just Be Enough" posts and have been really encouraged by people's insights and your point of view is no exception.
You are TOTALLY enough. :)
I love the idea of acknowledging what you've done well and what you are thankful for... there's not enough of that going on inside my own noggin. Thanks for the beautiful idea of remembering what's important.
And I love that this supports cancer survivors. I want IN on that!

Miss Donna said...

1. i'm NOT here to link up. 2. i AM here to tell you how much i enjoyed reading this and how much i can relate to everything you said. continue to celebrate the small stuff and love yourself unconditionally.