Sunday, July 17, 2011

Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Sky Dive!

I knew having to get up at 6am for this was probably not a good idea considering I don't work anymore and can sleep in with the kids being off school till about 9ish on average. I know, lazy summer in deed - I am lucky my kids have never been early risers.  So it probably goes without saying I was not quite awake or anywhere near my optimum coffee intake at 6:50 when I was pulling out of the garage and about took my mirror off with the side of the garage. Crunch!  STRIKE ONE

After my husband congratulated me for being a dumbass and we put the mirror back in place from it folding into the car - thank goodness I have a newer car or it would have been OFF - I had to get my sister across town so we could go to my parents' and get to SkyDive Chicago for a 9:30 check-in. Literally her house is almost walking distance but I was already late with the mirror incident and I got pulled over just when I put on my turn signal to turn into her neighborhood. Crap!  STRIKE TWO

Cop: I clocked you doing 46 in a 35..

I handed him my liscence and was digging through for my registration. (Which with my hands shaking so bad I was not finding..)

Me: I'm sorry I am actually on my way to go sky diving, I was about to pick up my sister.

Cop: Are you building up speed for it already?

Me: Well I have to be at my dad's by 8. (by this time it was 7:01 and I had almost an hour drive to get to my parents')

Cop: Amy, am I going to find anything on your liscence?

Me: I hit a deer about a year and a half ago.

Cop: (Chuckling) Well, here you go (handing my stuff back) I will let you go if you quit speeding and have fun Sky Diving!

I should have promised him I wouldn't go 120mph till I got there but I didn't want to make a poor joke and turn the situation against my I never think that fast when the situation is happening, this was a complete after thought.

I was in awe that he let me go without even seeing the registration which I better make sure I really have because I never did find it.  He believed my story hook line and sinker in case you need a story the next time you get pulled over, it worked like a charm..

At this point, as I'm turning around to get to my sister's I'm thinking that was probably strike two only I got lucky on both strikes and nothing was damaged on my car nor did I get a ticket or even a warning. I considered the fact that I had twice in just the last 15 minutes pressed my luck and now I was about to press what I had left which couldn't possibly be much...I almost thought about turning around and calling it a day but my dad was waiting - I set it all up for us to go..and it was for his 60th Birthday present. That almost thought only lasted for about a split second because I was determined and apparently destined to make it on time.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch - we made it to my parents' by 8 and the 9:30 check-in was no problem from there.  My dad and I had our own private flight up for the wanna see??

There is NOTHING like this in the world..I can't even begin to describe the feeling to you and I'm sure you will have your own just watching..

I watched it again this morning after all the edits with my daughter who asked why I was about to cry.  It brings tear to my eyes way before when my dad falls out first - that was literally my view of him even though the camera was not on my head I saw that exact scene and thought - holy shit I hope he makes it!  There is something exhilaratingly sinking about watching someone you love fall to the earth right before your very still makes my hair stand on end and sends a chill to know we both survived this which I was obviously destined to do yesterday!  It was just in the cards for me I guess.

Oh and P.S.  this was my second jump - I regretted not getting the video the first my dad hollered at me for not inviting him when I went last year with my cousin for her 30th. (Anybody have a birthday coming up?)


Therobotmommy said...

You have balls I just don't have, lady. Nice job!!

Seasoned Air Force Spouse said...

I LOVED it. I tweeted it. I posted it on my FB. Tears! :-) You and your family rock.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

It was definitely your lucky day! Happy 60th birthday to your dad. Personally, I could never, EVER jump out of a plane!

Rusti said...

saweeeeeeeeeeeet!! I loved watching my dad jump 3 years ago, then my mom, dad & aunt again 2 years ago - I wanted to, but Hubs said I can't until Goose is 18 ;) silly man. looks like you had an AWESOME time! way to go! :)

Donna J said...

If I ever dared to do this, I'd do it with you! Courageous..or crazy?! :)

kim said...

Whoa. Thanks for posting. You're one crazy girl. Now I can say I've been skydiving (vicariously) and check THAT off my list (that it was never on). You rock! Yay you!

RoryBore said...

you are so much braver than me...I'd never jump out of a perfectly good airplane!
We actually live near our little town's airport, and we can see the skydiver's over our house daily. my kids can't wait to try!! I'll need meds in my coffee.

Barbara said...

Your dad sounds like the coolest 60 year old ever! I don't think I could have done it, but kudos to you! It was definitely your lucky day!

Nearly Not Quite said...

Balls - You has them.

The only way I'm jumping from a plane is if I'm knocked unconscious and thrown out. Which technically wouldn't be jumping. So no, no birthdays here!

I'm Jennifer. said...

Sorry about strike one and strike two...but so glad there wasn't a strike 3 and skydiving went off without a hitch. Great story. Stopping by from Sunday Funday.

Kindred Adventures said...
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Kindred Adventures said...

OMG Amy! My mouth was open the whole time in AWE!! Plus my cheeks hurt from laughing with you! That was awesome. Now I don't have to do it . Thanks for taking one for the team. Oh but If I do go I will tweet you and invite you!

Leighannn said...

Amazing Amy. Almost makes me want to do it. How awesome for you and your dad to do that together!! said...

Girl, you crazy.

I loved the cop's witty line, though. What a great guy!

Carri said...

I want to skydive SO BAD. I'm scared shitless of flying yet I want to jump out of a plane. I know... There's something wrong with me.

Terri said...

Awesome, Amy! Might have to try that someday, even though just this weekend I said I was too scared. You make it look fun (and easy).

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Eek, brought back a lot of memories watching your video. I did a tandem jump when I was 18 and wish I would've gotten a video of it. Especially since I don't think I could go skydiving ever again now that I have kids. lol Maybe when I'm 60 like your dad I'll go with one of my kids if they want to. :p