Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Athens Grill in Lowell, IN - The Real Story

So while family is in from out of town, we always share lots of meals.  My Iowa family comes in always jonesing for White Castle and GYROS since they can't get either in their part of the woods.  We happen to have a little Greek place here in town - Lowell IN - called ATHENS GRILL.  We decided to try it this time instead of going closer to Chicago for a greasy spoon. This had everything we were looking for.

Athens Grill in Lowell, IN

Why it's worth it:

  • GOOD FOOD: We ordered a couple of gyro platters that fed 5 adults and I gotta say it was as good if not better than any I've tried, very authentic.  They even serve breakfast all day - we will have to try this!
  • GREAT SERVICE: the service was more than outstanding.  We ordered soup but realized when we got home we didn't get it, I called the place to see if I could get a credit and he (who sounded like he may have been the owner) told me it would be delivered to my house within minutes.
  • GREAT PRICES: You can see by the menu below, it's relatively easy on the pocketbook depending of course on how many people you have to feed.
  • I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good Greek place

Athens Grill Menu

Athens Menu

When I first called to see if there was a menu online that we could look at, sadly they do not have a website. The lady went through a whole schpeel about how difficult the menu was to find, I had to go to NWI something and that would lead me somewhere else...

I did find what I was looking for after a longwinded search so I decided to put it here, on a local blog with an easy name that ATHENS GRILL can tell people to look when they want the menu online.

Next time I will try some of the breakfast choices and see if their quality of coffee matches their quality customer service!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It sounds wonderful! I really love Greek food :-)

Kimberly Bondi Grabinski said...

Funny while searching for their menu I would up here. Hi.