Sunday, July 10, 2011

20 Second Fitness The Real Story: Week 6 Done!

We have as a family completed the 20 Second Fitness Six Week Program, and I will say that it has become a habit now - even if some are less enthusiastic about it. Enjoy a fun little taste of the full 12 minute workout in less than three minutes... 

(music brought to you by They Might Be Giants)

You can see The Real Story journey from the beginning:

{Sorry I didn't post for Week Five}

I am proud to say they all stuck with me!  I enjoy that we are spending another hour and a half a week doing something as a family, however, doing these workouts 6 days a week every week has been a test of discipline and endurance - both of which have been built up to a higher level in the last six weeks.  I am happy I didn't have to do this alone, it really helps to have others to help encourage or challenge you.  We have already started doing the last week over again, my husband has bought 15 pound weights so we are committed and plan to cycle through the entire program again. 

I will be posting after pictures from the first six weeks this week once I retake mine..I wore different shorts in the second one and it's just not right.  My husband has had a dramatic change just from looking at the picture - I will have him step on the scale before I post and have all the details then.  In the meantime, you can look at my recent MEASUREMENTS (from 7-1)  


If you are interested in purchasing 20 Second Fitness with their 60-day money-back guarantee and hassle free returns, I have a special coupon code for you to use to get FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States and a $15 discount for orders to Canada and overseas.

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Here is what is included in the 20 Second Fitness Program:

  • 40 Workouts on 6 DVDs
  • Set of Gym quality resistance bands
  • Food Guide to Smarter Eating
  • Wall calendar to track progress and success
  • Adjustable jump rope

It Builds Character


Amberr said...

Love your blog and just added it to my Worthwhile Blogs section on my blog. Keep 'em coming. Coffee is king! ;-)

ChiMomWriter said...

Love that you guys are all doing this together! (And the hummingbird part cracked me up.) Will let you know if I give in and buy it!

Kim said...

OMG, I so wanna try this!!! I loved watching your fam do it together! That's a great idea. Yeah, I wanna bring it to work w/me. 12 min @ work would be perfect!!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

You guys are awesome!

I can't jump rope anyway, I do it without the rope otherwise I get it wrapped around my ankle.