Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vlogtalk Presents - The Biggest Pet Peeve!


This vlog really needs no introduction..it's short, sweet and to the point...and the best part is, I'm not even in it!

The title of the post is enough and I think you
might just agree..

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Jessica of My Time as Mom

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Jessica said...

Ha! Hilarious. I can't stand when people do that.

L.A.C.E. said...

I would accuse you of being in my house, but a) that is NOT my bathroom (not dirty enough) and b) my family is too lazy to leave it on top of the "dealio". Oh no, they can not even open the cupboard under the sink to take the new roll out! Instead I go to wipe and find a naked toilet paper roll!!!! No shit, but this happened yet again about 30minutes ago.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

So you're feeling me then? I get the naked roll too but sometimes (ok rarely) I get this lucky..

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Dude, I was going to do the almost exact same thing for this prompt!

Except I didn't get round to it....

Barbara said...

I'm never this lucky!! I'm usually just greeted by the empty roll! I wish I could blame it on kids, but my husband is the BIGGEST culprit!

Mrs. Weber said...

YES!!!! I totally agree. My husband does that all the time. We also recycle our toilet paper rolls, and he leaves those on the counter for me to pick-up. Drives me batty!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Oh you're so right! That is SO annoying!

Nicole said...

Totally annoying! I love how you put "This has been a Coffee Lovin' Mom Production"! Clever :-)

Teresa said...

I. Did. This. When I was younger. Now that I run my own house, I don't.